Monday, August 4, 2008

Of Mice and Moms

The best laid plans of mice and Moms oft go astray.

Wait. What do you mean, that isn't what Steinbeck wrote?

Well, if he'd paid more attention to his mother, he would have.

So, on Thursday I wrote that my first order of business this weekend would have to be my daughter's college bedskirt. Great plan, right? Well, I had the skirt fabric, but not enough plain white fabric for the part which goes over the innerspring. GASP! How could someone who claims to sew reasonably well be out of someth
ing so basic???? Yeah. I had 47" and needed 82". What to do?

Quick! Start something else! For a long time, I've be
en meaning to make a thing for my bread basket. My dearly beloved called it "basket clothing". I call it my "bread cozy". This got made Friday night. It's two different green tiny floral prints with a very thin layer of batting between them. To keep the batting from sliding around and bunching up in the washer, I quilted a giant M in the middle of it. Well, I like it; the rest of the family can just laugh at me all they want.

The girls didn't want to go get the white fabric Saturday, so I made two identical dresses, this one in white, and one in pale pink. (This isn't hemmed yet, so excuse the strange looking lower edge on it. I just ran out of enthusiasm.) My princess seamed sundress pattern seems to have gone missing - GRRR, I hate when that happens - so I tried a new one. I'm not sure I like it well
enough to try it on the yellow fabric, which has gone through two washings this weekend, so I'm wearing the new dresses to decide.

Finally, on Sunday, the girls got me more white fabric. This is a corner of Kellie's bedskirt, with the box pleat. Yes, it is really long
, but at college, they flip over the bedframe so it sits higher and they can cram more crap under the bed, and this is my feeble attempt to guess at what the height is. Cass says the one I made for her was perfect, so here's hoping I'm somewhere in the ballpark for Kellie, as well. I'll take a picture when we take her to college in a couple of weeks.

So, the project that absolutely, positively had to be done first squeaked in last, just under the wire. As I said, and Steinbeck should have said, the best laid plans of mice and Moms oft go astray. But all's well that ends well.


Unknown said...

You do know what else hides behind bedskirts, right? I wouldn't have one on my bed for anything. Sorry you lost your favorite dress pattern. I'm losing my incentive to get into the studio - maybe this week (if I can still lift my arms after working out!). g

Paula said...

Some people can play the piano "by ear"; you sew "by sight". I would love to be able to just envision what I want, and then sit down and sew it. Your dress is darling. When I was little, my mom had a dark blue, floral print "day dress" very similar to this, only the bottom was a skort type thing. I don't know how else to describe it. It was not a tennis type outfit. She liked to wear it when she worked in the garden or doing household chores because it was so comfortable.

I bet your daughters are getting excited about school. Love the color of this bed skirt. Are they the only girls in the dorm with bedskirts?

Paula said...

One more thing ... I love the bread cozy. So pretty and I bet it keeps the bread warm, too. I love all stuff like that ... bread cozies, tea towels, cloth napkins ...