Friday, May 26, 2017

Another Birthday...

Can you believe Ryan turned 21 last weekend?  What happened to the cute little guy who used to haul around a Winnie the Pooh who started out as big as Ryan?

Of course, I made a cake.  When do I not?  Plus, that flour isn't going to use itself.

I'm not standing in a hole; I promise.

See? The boys are taller than their dad, and you know my Dearly Beloved is no short guy.

He looks pretty happy, don't you think?

Have a great Memorial Day weekend, everyone.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017


So, I often order pantry staples online, and let the guys in brown or purple take care of hauling it in.  Yesterday, Ryan dragged (okay, he carried; I'd have dragged) in a big box for me.  He and his father had a good laugh when they saw what I bought.

"What?" I demanded.  "It was the best price.  And it isn't like I won't use it fast.  You guys do like to eat, you know."

They should consider themselves lucky I didn't find a 50 pound bag for even less!

Happy Tuesday, everyone.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Kellie's Wedding, At Last!

Yes, as Pam rightly guessed, Kellie's wedding was Saturday.  Early May in East Tennessee equals perfect weather, right?

No. Not even close.

So, we flew in Friday with Shannon and family - Grandpa held Nora when she wasn't eating while we were going up.  She's up to 5 pounds, 9 ounces: That's 2 full pounds gained!

And the rain came down in buckets.  Big honkin' buckets.  Dan rented me a Suburban, and I didn't even get to really try it out, the weather was so bad.  Except when the rain let up on the Parkway at one point, where I might have opened up the throttle just a bit....nevermind.

The rehearsal was supposed to be outside, but we held it under a tent.  I had a pretty dress, and sparkly shoes, and d***near froze to death.  Wet feet does not a happy Marjie make.  And it was in the 40s even in the afternoon, and this dope insisted on wearing her open toed, sparkly shoes.  Good move.  No pictures.  (I realized when we were taking off that I forgot my real camera anyway; good thing the kids browbeat me into getting one of those fancy cell phones; that's why I have even these pictures).

For the record, rehearsal dinner was great; Larry, I can recommend Sullivan's downtown.  Their beef is quite good, and the atmosphere is very nice.  Parking isn't good, but that's downtown for you.

Saturday dawned clear and cold: 40 and sunny.  But then it clouded up, and drizzled.  Poor Kellie was not happy.  The wedding was set for 5:30, with pictures starting at 3:45.  Bride and groom pictures in the drizzle.  Not really ideal.  Then, at 5, the drizzle stopped, and at 5:25, the sun came out.  It was still cold, but we had sun!

Now I'll shut up; here are some pictures.

(click on it; she looks absolutely radiant.)

(And, if you ever host an outdoor wedding where it's 46 degrees, do what I did: send someone to get a space heater and extension cord, and get the heater put under your table.  Let everyone else be cold; you can be warm and cheerful.)

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Monday, May 8, 2017

Drive-By: Where I've Been

Just one picture from this weekend, whilst I try to regain my bearings: taken by her sister, this picture was dubbed "Kellie's Security Team."

Oh, and one of my hair.  It was worth every penny of the 60 bucks I paid.

Happy Monday, everyone!