Monday, October 30, 2017

Bebop Says: Happy Halloween!

So, Cass got Bebop a costume.  Isn't he the cutest lion ever?

On another note, I was very proud of Ryan Sunday night.  He got a call from a friend who doesn't drive whose dog was in extreme distress around 8PM.  He raced over there and took the friend and his dog, a standard poodle mix, to the emergency vet, who diagnosed the dog with a torsion.  They sat together through the surgery, and Ryan took his friend home after they told him his dog had come through the surgery fine.  Raising a kid who will sit with his buddy until midnight when he knows he has school on Monday, and therefore save a beloved pet, is the hallmark of a great guy.

Happy Monday, everyone!

Thursday, October 26, 2017


Did I tell you about the baby shower my girls and I threw for our friend Greg's daughter in law?  She was expecting their first child, a baby boy, due on my birthday.  We came up with a dinosaur theme, and Shannon's creative brain went to town.  Ever seen a nest of dinosaur eggs?  Me, neither.  But, thanks to Shannon, now we all have seen one.

I made the party favors, tiny mason jars filled with blue and yellow jelly beans, with dinosaur fabric and bows on the top, and a banner of flags from the same fabric.  Then there was some left, so I made 4 bibs, using a pattern gifted to me by GMarie.
 I even made the ties from the same fabric.  Pain in the rump, turning those skinny strings.

I only gave 2 to the new arrival; I kept one for Nora, and one for little Mike V.  Isn't he an adorable model?  He was 3 months and 6 days in this picture.

Happy Thursday, everyone!

Monday, October 23, 2017

Book Sale!

Jeff called me at 11PM Friday, and said, "Don't shut off the lights!  I'm coming home for the weekend!"  He and his entourage arrived about 1:30 AM, snacked on some leftover roast beef, and a fun weekend had begun.  Jeff was babysitting for Bebop while his girl was away at the Grand Canyon, so poor Bebop spent the weekend sulking.

 On Saturday, Jeff, Ryan and I went to the book sale.  Tank had to go for the ride; it was Tank's Jeep we drove, after all.  OK, technically, Jeff pays for the Jeep, but if you talk to the dog, it's his car, and he gets to go for the ride.  Jeff hooked Tank's leash to a loop on the roof of the Jeep, and just left the back window open so Tank could talk to everyone who passed by him.  Not that he talks much; I have only heard him bark when the doorbell rings.

Tank was very happy to see us when we got back with our books. 

I only bought 4 novels and one cookbook for myself; I was very restrained.  Of course, I bought a couple of books to send to others.

So, that was our weekend!  Sunny and 70 degrees, a book sale, and a private dog park for my favorite black German Shepherd!  It was a lot of fun!

Happy Monday, everyone!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The First Red Tree

When I went out to get my paper the other morning, one of our small maple trees had turned a brilliant red.  It was a beautiful contrast to the other trees, even on an overcast day.

 This one is taken from the other side of the wall with the gate in it.  Maybe my view of a small tree is a little biased.
 Aren't the clouds in this sky nice?  Even better than the color of the trees.
 Yes, I was right.  The maple is a small tree.
Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Garden Tuesday: The Beginning of Fall

Last Saturday, as I walked to the street to retrieve my local paper and Wall Street Journal., I found to my delight that the cluster of white pines next to the street had shed its needles, covering the ground with one of my favorite things.  I've always loved soft, warm pine needles, and I've been enjoying them all week.

Of course, this is just the beginning of autumn's color change ritual, but it's an often overlooked part. It's been quite cool this week: starting to feel like the cold weather will come....soon.

Happy Garden Tuesday, everyone!