Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Well, What Did I Expect?

It's winter, of course.  It snowed last week.  It's snowing again today.

 (The streaks in the pictures are big, fat snowflakes.)

Well, what did I expect?  It's January!

And the snow is better than the promised single digit to negative double digit temperatures we've been promised after this is over.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!  Stay warm!

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Holiday Food Recap

It's very picture short, I'm afraid.  I don't remember to take pictures these days.

People started arriving Friday, which was a lazy spaghetti and meatballs dinner.  Only the boys in residence and Shannon's family were here.

Saturday, everyone arrived.  And we had turkey.  Just a 20 pounder, which was pretty well gone by dinnertime Sunday.  Not much for the sides: stuffing, roasted Brussels Sprouts, spinach, corn, cranberry sauce and gravy.

Sunday, Christmas Eve Eve, we had ham, with potatoes with sour cream and scallions, salad, I forget what veggies: no pictures, remember?

Christmas Eve: Shrimp sauteed in garlic butter, with fresh spinach and diced tomatoes, over a bed of pasta, also cooked with spinach.  You guys are gonna get your veggies whether you like it or not.  And they did.  A lot.

Christmas morning is the usual overstuffing of the people.  Baked goods of many types, plus eggs with ham and cheese, eggs with just cheese, and just eggs.  About a dozen of each.  Mike's kids sat on either side of me.  It was their first Family Christmas Morning, and I hope they loved it.

And Christmas punch.  Can't ever forget the Christmas punch.

Christmas night: Filet Mignon, potatoes in a butter and parsley sauce, roasted Brussels Sprouts, whole green beans with garlic, big fat yeast rolls.

So, I lived through Christmas, and I think everyone enjoyed it.  It was nice having my kids and grandchildren here; the house was loud with conversation, laughter, games and fun.

And Shannon says Nora loves her Narwhal jacket (I don't know if I'm meant to infer that Shannon doesn't love it).  Last Saturday, they went to the shelter to donate old towels and sheets, and Nora wore her jacket.

She also didn't want to leave, but that's Shannon's problem.....

Happy New Year, everyone!  I hope 2019 brings you all good health, happiness, and a touch of prosperity for good measure!