Monday, February 11, 2019

Snow, Freeze, Thaw, Repeat

That's what the weather's been here for the past few weeks.

So, on Friday it was 40 degrees, and I thought Thatcher would like to go for a nice long walk.  I walked to the bottom of the driveway, which is a half mile long loop around the center of my yard, and he was behind me almost until the end, when he darted off to my right, into our little "forest", as my kids call it.  At that point, my house is to my left, up a hill.  About 100 feet later, I reached our gate, turned around to walk back up, and no Thatcher.  I spent the whole walk calling the little idiot, wondering how I was going to break the news to Patrick that I'd lost his dog while he was at school and Ryan was at work.

And there he was, sitting on the porch when I returned.  Evidently he decided this walking crap wasn't for him, and scampered straight up the hill.  Little idiot.  I sure didn't need to be out strolling around in the cold and wind.

But I did find this pretty view of one of our 100 year old apple trees.  Perfect sky on Sunday, I'd say.

And it's supposed to start over tonight, with 4" to 8" of snow predicted, probably with ice on top.  Ah, well, we've laid in food supplies, so no big deal.

Happy Monday, everyone!

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Well, What Did I Expect?

It's winter, of course.  It snowed last week.  It's snowing again today.

 (The streaks in the pictures are big, fat snowflakes.)

Well, what did I expect?  It's January!

And the snow is better than the promised single digit to negative double digit temperatures we've been promised after this is over.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!  Stay warm!

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Holiday Food Recap

It's very picture short, I'm afraid.  I don't remember to take pictures these days.

People started arriving Friday, which was a lazy spaghetti and meatballs dinner.  Only the boys in residence and Shannon's family were here.

Saturday, everyone arrived.  And we had turkey.  Just a 20 pounder, which was pretty well gone by dinnertime Sunday.  Not much for the sides: stuffing, roasted Brussels Sprouts, spinach, corn, cranberry sauce and gravy.

Sunday, Christmas Eve Eve, we had ham, with potatoes with sour cream and scallions, salad, I forget what veggies: no pictures, remember?

Christmas Eve: Shrimp sauteed in garlic butter, with fresh spinach and diced tomatoes, over a bed of pasta, also cooked with spinach.  You guys are gonna get your veggies whether you like it or not.  And they did.  A lot.

Christmas morning is the usual overstuffing of the people.  Baked goods of many types, plus eggs with ham and cheese, eggs with just cheese, and just eggs.  About a dozen of each.  Mike's kids sat on either side of me.  It was their first Family Christmas Morning, and I hope they loved it.

And Christmas punch.  Can't ever forget the Christmas punch.

Christmas night: Filet Mignon, potatoes in a butter and parsley sauce, roasted Brussels Sprouts, whole green beans with garlic, big fat yeast rolls.

So, I lived through Christmas, and I think everyone enjoyed it.  It was nice having my kids and grandchildren here; the house was loud with conversation, laughter, games and fun.

And Shannon says Nora loves her Narwhal jacket (I don't know if I'm meant to infer that Shannon doesn't love it).  Last Saturday, they went to the shelter to donate old towels and sheets, and Nora wore her jacket.

She also didn't want to leave, but that's Shannon's problem.....

Happy New Year, everyone!  I hope 2019 brings you all good health, happiness, and a touch of prosperity for good measure!

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Narwhal Jacket

So, the day before Christmas Eve, we went to a little local aquarium, located in a mall here.  Of course, Nora wore her new Narwhal jacket.

And, also, of course, I only got one picture of her wearing it, while her auntie was holding her, and she was impatient to go see the fishies (as were her 2 cousins).

Happy Saturday, everyone!

Monday, December 24, 2018

I'm Dreaming of... more white than this.  It looks good, but travel is still safe.

Merry Christmas, everyone. Treasure your loved ones today.

Friday, December 21, 2018

Merry Christmas!

We got the tree up after Mark came home.  Can't have him missing out on our traditions.

And my grandmother's German glass icicles are up.  I love them.

Merry Christmas to all of you!  See you some time after the holiday....

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Narwhals become....

a jacket!

 My friend GMarie suggested that I make a jacket, and then pointed me at a pattern - Simplicity 8759, from their "Baby Gear" line.

I didn't bother to try to gather a contrasting fleece to make the ruffle on the hood and sleeves; pregathered eyelet lace looked good to me, and saved plenty of time.  I also skipped a couple of their other instructions, because I felt that they would disturb the softness of the coat.

Don't you just love the narwhal on the back?  There's another one on each sleeve, too.

Finally, you'll indulge me; I can't get enough of the cuteness of this jacket, so I found a teddy bear to model it.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Edited to add: I forgot to say that this is for Nora!

Monday, December 17, 2018

.Monday Miscellany: It's all I do These Days

Our community center was holding a wreath making....class? party? get together?  Whatever.  My next door neighbor Judy and I went, the deal being pay $3, make a wreath for the Comm, and one for yourself.  The greens are donated by the local Christmas tree farms.  I made the bow at home; not bad for a rank amateur.

That caused Judy to invite me to go to the holiday formal, fondly known as "The Comm Prom", with her and her husband the next day.  Black tie affair: did I have a long dress?  Of course!  I had a new dress, and was all set!

Judy told her husband that he was escorting the 2 hottest babes in town.  He didn't disagree.

Meanwhile, back at home, I knew that Kellie was hosting the potluck Christmas dinner that her group of friends holds every year, rotating the host.  So I wanted to make her some Christmas napkins.  I made 12, and thought they were very festive.

Then I talked to her 3 days before the party, and discovered that she had 18 people coming!  Oh, no!  She would have to choose who was good enough to get a fancy napkin, and who had to live with a paper napkin.  Couldn't have that.  So off to the fabric store I raced, only to discover that my original fabric was gone.  I'd say my second dozen were a close enough coordinate to the originals.  I also made her 4 trivets to match, but, of course, no pictures of those.

Finally, I wanted to send a present to the relative in Denver.  Easy peasy! Trivets, a set of 8 napkins (I'm not gonna lie, I didn't get the cardinals positioned correctly; they all look like they're napping),

and a frilly apron (please don't mind the fact that I sewed the pocket upside down; think of it as cardinals doing gymnastic stunts).

Like I said, it's good to stay busy.

Up next: Adorableness involving narwhal fleece.  You'll see.  Adorableness that must be done by Friday!

Happy Monday, everyone!

Friday, December 14, 2018

Rocky Ran Up These Steps. I didn't.

But I did walk up them, and for that I should be commended, at least in my own mind.

 Jeff called me earlier in the week, and asked me to go to Philadelphia and be a tourist with him for a day.  We went to a Christmas Village - I only bought a bone for his dog; I wasn't hauling anything else through the city, cabs and who knows what else.  Then we went to the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  That's the building that Rocky ran up and down in the movie.  There's a Rocky statue at the bottom and to the side of the steps, but I wasn't interested in standing in line with all of the other tourists to see it.

That's a honkin' lot of steps!  Somewhere around 100, I think, but I'm not positive.  I didn't count.

The museum is interesting in that it not only contains paintings and statues, but also rooms presumably salvaged from buildings being torn down, phenomenal doorways like this one,

and a whole room full of these fellows.  Might as well strike the pose, right? (Excuse my wrinkled dress.)

And when we left, shortly before 5, night was just falling, and the city looked as pretty as it ever does, from the top of the stairs,

and from the bottom.

Happy Friday, everyone!  I hope your holiday preparations are moving along well!

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Thursday Miscellany

That doesn't have the ring of Monday Miscellany, does it?  Ah, well, that's how my life is going these days.

I ordered myself a sewing subscription box, which includes a pattern fabric, thread, and notions to complete the project, along with the fabric and pattern for a little "extra" project.  One such project was a little travel bag, which was described by GMarie a little while back.

 The fabric I got was cute, but hardly adult, so after I made up the bag, I sent it to my oldest granddaughter (she'll be 3 in March; can you believe it?).  I told my daughter in law that it was for her crayons and valuables.  My girl looks delighted, doesn't she?

November's extra project was pot holder/trivets.  Since I only use my tile trivets and Pampered Chef oven mitts that go about to my elbows, I sent these to my daughter in law.  She seemed pretty pleased with them. 

Beyond the sewing box, I had made myself a dress in October.  There was just a bit of leftover fabric, so I made a quasi-matching dress for Maddie, and sent it to her.  My daughter in law said that she was so excited that she had to wear her dress to school the next day.  And she brought it for Thanksgiving weekend, so I got to see her in it.  It's a bit large, but she'll grow.

Finally, this weekend I'm meeting some old friends halfway between here and Connecticut for an afternoon; I decided that I should bring them presents, so I made them each 8 Christmas napkins. Oh, I'm not clever enough to have thought these up; I copied them from a set that GMarie gifted me several years back, but they're so pretty that I had to make them.

Trying to stay busy is good for me, and these were some fun project to make.  (And I am doing some cooking, including baking brownies or something similar when Ryan holds board game night with his friends on Tuesdays, and sometimes Mondays as well.)

Happy Thursday, everyone!  I hope you all have fun weekends planned!

Wednesday, November 28, 2018


It was a busy week, purposely so.

All of my family was here, as I knew they would be.  Jeffrey helped baby Michael with rides on Tank,
 while Nora made sure Bebop got plenty of hugs.
 Aunt Cass helped Nora ride the rocking horse!
 Getting the food all set out!  Of course, we had to garnish the turkeys.

 Our friend Greg's son Scott brought along his hover board, and gave his own baby a ride on it....
 Followed by giving Nora a ride.  She actually looks pretty pleased!
 My 3 beautiful daughters with Nora!
 You know what everyone is thinking: "Hurry up and take the stupid picture, because we're hungry!" Except for baby Michael, who's thinking:"Oh, I can play with Bebop!"
 More pictures of food, in case you missed them.

And what meal would be complete without lots of desserts?

How was your Thanksgiving?  Doubtless much less complicated, but just as much fun.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!