Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Graduation and Birthday!

So, life carries on.  And on the 12th, Ryan graduated from college.  I am proud of him, and hope he'll continue his education, and set the world on fire; I'm sure that's what we all want for our children.  All but one of his siblings made it home for the event; for me it was bittersweet, because it's the first of a lifetime's of events which will in my mind be incomplete, lacking my dearly beloved.

The following weekend was Ryan's birthday.  Of course, cake was involved.  Despite the appearances of this picture, Thatcher was not involved with the cake.  He was merely hopeful.

I've been working on the PBS Great American Read book list; I've read The Alchemist (very good, fast read), Gone Girl (saw the movie, but the book was still great, even knowing the ending), Their Eyes Were Watching God (this was actually a great book, and I'd recommend it), The Handmaid's Tale (another very good book), and Pilgrim's Progress (I only slogged through 1/4 of this book; it was just too tedious.  I pity Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy for having gotten this book for Christmas; couldn't their Marmee have thought at least of giving them variety, so they'd have more exciting things to read?).  I've started Memoirs of a Geisha today.  I don't sleep much, so I do have to do something...

Happy Wednesday, everyone; I hope your spring is progressing well.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Hanging In There

It's been 5 weeks since I lost my dearly beloved, and it still feels like 5 minutes.  If I didn't have the boys to feed, I'd probably be subsisting on frozen dinners, if I even remembered to eat.  My next door neighbor has been a rock, dropping by with a cup of tea to visit every few days.

Yesterday, we had a fierce thunderstorm roll through - in and out in 20 minutes.  Afterward, I looked out the front door, and was amazed at the myriad shades of green, and sunshine, against the dark sky where the storms were still rolling through to the east of us.

And, who's excited about the PBS Great American Read?  OK, maybe "excited" is a little strong.  But I downloaded the list, and was pleased to see that I've read 30 of the books on it, and have at least 5 more in my house.  I might as well read; the insomnia is going to drive me nuts otherwise.

So, tell me, how many of these books have any of you read?  And are you all enjoying the colors of spring after our rather cold April?