Friday, June 12, 2009

Night at the Museum

Yes, I totally had to rip that title off. It was just too good to pass up.

My boys go to a small private school for some "enrichment" classes, and last fall, Ryan spent 2 weeks with this school at a local park which has a nice museum in it. Among other things, they made paper marbled, hand colored monoliths. Ryan's was one of the ones selected to hang in the special gallery, and his was used on a postcard invitation to the show. Of course, as a featured artist, he was invited to the special cocktail party and preview of the exhibit, with 2 guests allowed.

No, he didn't partake of cocktails, but I enjoyed every single hors d'oeuvre they offered. (I presume Ryan and my dearly beloved enjoyed them, too, but I didn't ask - or care!) It has been a very long time since I ate food someone else cooked, after all. And the barkeep was most amused by my cheerful, even delighted, requests for water - so much so that I toasted the charming gentleman with my bottled spring water.
My hip is paying the price today, but it was a delightful three hours! And wasn't the sky pretty last night, in front of the rainstorm, as we left home?


Paula said...

Marjie!!! This is fantastic! Congratulations to Ryan! His artwork is terrific, and he looks so handsome there! You look lovely as always (I still feel the need to feed you something as you're such a little bitty thing!). Gosh this is a great memory maker. Cool stuff!

Tatersmama said...

What a wonderful honor... and
Congratulations to Ryan!!

I'm glad you had a wonderful time, because isn't it ALWAYS good to eat food that someone else has cooked???
Well, except for mine.
I'm not near the expert in the kitchen that you are! ;-)

pam said...

He looks so proud! And it looks great!

Patricia said...

What a thrill for all of you and an honour for Ryan!
That is a great picture of the two of you.

Mickle in NZ said...

Congratulations to Ryan - I really like his art piece.

Is wonderful to see a photo of you too. You are a petite and very beautiful Woman, Marjie. A beauty I can see in the photo and so much sense within you. No wonder your dear Husband fell in love and has stayed in love with you.

You've kindly shared many beautiful facial features with Ryan. And I am so pleased you got to enjoy someone else's good cooking - so well earned.

Care and huggles from Michelle, happy snoring from Zebbycat, xxx and snory rumbles from us here downunder.

Unknown said...

Sounds like a lovely evening. Was Thor in charge of the young boy left at home?

You look great. Sorry your hip is acting up. Hope you are well soon. g

Chronicles of Dolliedaydream said...

Marjie! Hope you and your fab family are all fantastic - it's been too long! Looks like you had a great night with your son and I am laughing out loud at your title - I love that film! Kisses Kitty x

SissySees said...

Kudos to Ryan and you! That's quite impressive!

My back is protesting our adventure yesterday too, but it was totaly worth it.

noble pig said...

That is so cool! I bet he loved the attention. Did they have mini food has no calories you know.