Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Appliance Update

Mr. Leonard is officially my hero.

He spent under 2 hours here. The washer was fixed in 10 minutes: an underwire had worked its way through the washer tub and into the gears: ladies, beware!

The refrigerator? Jeez....its computer board went. Yup, the computer is now in your fridge; here's a picture of the little darling. It only cost me $489 to fix the ###@%$&!!! But at least I didn't add more crap to the landfill. At the beginning, Thor was right there beside the repairman, with his big head in the fridge, until he realized there was no food in it, and the guy didn't have sandwiches in his pocket, so he wisely went off to take a nap. My icemaker crapped out about 2 weeks before Thanksgiving, and hopefully this computer board will fix that issue too. Ah, well, at least there's plenty of room for the Superbowl provisions!

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