Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Super Bowl Planning

First, let me preface my comments by saying that we aren't huge football fans. My husband doesn't watch regular season games, only the last 2 games before the Super Bowl (the playoffs or finals? I'm not sure), and the Superbowl. A couple of my college aged sons watch some games when they're home, often WVU or OSU, and all of the other sibs naturally join in the fun. The girls and I take "game time" as "sewing time" or "shoe shopping time". Except for the Super Bowl. That's food time.

Now, I do love the commercials. And, when all of my sons were home, I did love asking when someone was going to get a home run or "voting" for which team should win because their suits were the best color combination or the QB was the "cutest". All of which drives young teenaged males absolutely nuts (and yes, I know some of the rules of the game). But mostly, I love the chance to serve an odd variety of foods in an unstructured manner. When the people in our backyard moved in a couple of years ago, they invited us to their Superbowl party, and we went one year. I felt overwhelmed. They held it in a conference hall at a local hotel, with, as the hostess' sister said, "150 of their closest friends." Thanks, I'll just stay home, where it's warm and cozy, with the kids and the dog.

Tradition being what it is, here's what's contemplated for Superbowl Sunday:

Chips & dips, of course; how could we not?
Homemade bread sticks
Grilled sweet sausage
Sweet & Sour Meatballs with pineapple
Barbecued chicken drumsticks (wings annoy me - not enough meat for the bone)
"Do It Yourself" mini pizzas. I'll make the crust, and the kids can top them
Salad (at least Kellie and I will eat this)

This is the only day of the year when I allow anyone to eat outside the kitchen, breakfast room or dining room. Maybe it's nuts, but with 9 kids, you've got to protect yourself and the vacuum cleaner somehow!

So, while I wait eagerly for Leonard the refrigerator/washer repairman, here's a picture of Thor with the lobster he got for Christmas, and which he's leery o
f playing with:


Anonymous said...

What time should we arrive for the festivities? :-)

I don't suppose that OSU stands for Oregon State University? Nah ... maybe Ohio? Oklahoma? Hope I haven't tread on sacred ground.

Have a fun family day! Paula

Debbie Cook said...

Sounds like the perfect Superbowl Sunday to me. That's what we'll be doing too. I like football and watch all the games so I like to be able to see/hear what's going on without a big party in the background.

Marjie said...

OSU is Ohio State. Dan went to Ohio University, whose football team is officially acknowledged to suck, and whose students are pretty much required by law to root for Ohio State.

Festivities start at 6; come early to let the kids run off some steam! ;-)