Sunday, December 16, 2007

Thor's Shopping Trip

We went to the Christmas tree farm last night. The girls protested getting into the Suburban, whining about following along in their car, until I said that unless everyone got into the truck with each other and the dog, I wasn't going. The big brothers offered to carry them to the truck.

Fortunately, a 1990 Suburban is a big, big, big truck. Since I'm not all that tall, I drive it with the seat all the way forward, which leaves Thor sitting on the
floor behind me, with his head peering over the center console so he can see where we're going (does he think he'll help me find the way, I wonder?). The migrant farm workers hide from Thor, and little kids come to see him. Even Santa managed to not shrink in fear from Thor, but Jeff was doing a great job handling him. (I think in his picture with Santa, Thor had spotted some potential food on the ground in front of him.) Yes, Thor wears a pony harness. We can't get a collar big enough for a 275 pound dog, but we have a really stout leather lead. When Jeff got annoyed at Thor trying to go mark the trees as his own, he simply reached down and grabbed the harness between Thor's shoulders, and that settled everyone down.

When we were leaving, I hear
d an exuberant voice bellow, "I think that's Marjie's truck!" I looked out the window to see Dave, a UPS driver, waving. When he found out that Thor was in the Suburban, he brought his 6 and 8 year old kids to meet Thor. Thor recognized Dave, and tried to stick his nose in Dave's coat pocket, where he carries dog treats when he's driving his route. A good time was had by all on Thor's annual shopping trip.

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