Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Planning

Twas the week before Christmas, when all through the house, hungry creatures were stirring, but definitely not a mouse!

So this is how Marjie plans to feed them:

Tuesday Dec. 18:
Chicken in a bag
Mashed sweet potatoes
Green Beans Almondine
Patrick's birthday cake

Wednesday, Dec. 19:
Eye Round Roast
Rock Potatoes
Mushrooms sauteed in butter
Steamed broccoli
Cut corn
Orange Mousse

Thursday, Dec. 20:
Chicken Piccata
Boiled Potatoes with parsley
and butter
Steamed broccoli
Portuguese White Bread
Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Friday, Dec. 21:
Roast Chickens stuffed with potatoes
Minted peas
Whole cranberry sauce
chocolate cake with buttercream frosting

Saturday, Dec. 22
Eye round roast
Pasta carbonara
Babylonian bread
cranberry muffins

Sunday, Dec. 23
Turkey Breast
White Rice
French Bread

Mint Frosted yellow cake

Christmas Eve
Shrimp with spinach and penne

Christmas Day
Standing Rib Roast
Mashed Potatoes
Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Dec. 26:
Coquilles St. Jacques

Christmas morning brunch will be described tomorrow or the next day. It requires lots of baking beforehand, but saves work for the next couple of days thereafter.

A cou
ple of years ago (in 2002), the girls and I made a tree skirt. We started the project on Superbowl Sunday, which gave us the whole year to work on it. We each embroidered a quarter of the skirt, then I stitched them together, interfaced it, put a ruffle around it, and voila! A future heirloom for my girls to squabble over. My quarter, which has the giant tree on it, started out as an embroidered picture of our house. We were showing my mother in law the quarters, which the girls had just finished, at Thanksgiving of that year, and she stated in no uncertain terms that mine should never be relegated to under the tree. Hubby seconded her, and I started another quarter. The house picture is now in a frame in the parlor; my oldest son says that's his some day.


pam said...

Marjie, your menus sound good, and so impressive. What is Babylonian bread?

Marjie said...

I've written another post for you, Pam. My little guys love this bread!