Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Decorations 2

Kellie had an unexpected "ice day" yesterday, so she and the boys hung our wreaths and bows outdoors. This is the 3 little boys waiting to go out with the wreaths:

Taken through the window, the pictures of them hanging the wreaths o
n the gate were cloudy, but I wasn't tromping outside in rain/sleet with the camera The computer program brightened it up a bit too much, but it made the kids visible. And at least they feel as though they've begun decorating for Christmas!

Now I have to steel myself for gong OUT to finish my shopping. Not being one for crowds, I'm a huge fan of ordering things. Every year I'm able to find a little more stuff without ever leaving the house; my kids are certain I'm becoming a recluse. If it works.....

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