Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Planning

While I wait for my new kitchen floor to be grouted, so I can put plastic over it and get to work, I am happy to say that my appliances are largely back in place, although some are being leveled.

I ordered my Christmas food, and while they didn't have goose or duck lef
t, I ordered a standing rib roast. Now, I'm not exactly certain what a standing rib roast is, other than beef, or how to cook it, so I will need to begin reading cookbooks, perhaps tonight. Or maybe I'll send some of the boys to hunt duck (in the supermarket - I'm not plucking and cleaning those fools!), and cook the roast when I have time to think.

Thanks to Cathy's posts about Christmas gifts of food, I did put together a nice basket of healthy breakfast foods and snacks for my mother in law, who is a problem. She's 89. Her doctor put her on a "Mediterranean Diet" to lower her cholesterol and lengthen her life.
Did I mention that she's old? And she's been a widow for over 20 years? And is waiting for the Good Lord to take her? So why deny her the foods she loves now? Ah, well, I baked her a couple of mini maple nut breads anyway. Off to Connecticut they go. UPS Overnight is going to love the bill for this box. Yes, I found those cute little loaf pans; if anyone wants to know how to make just 2 cute little mini maple nut breads, let me know.

This is our tree skirt. Superbowl Sunday 2002, the girls and I started work on our tree skirts for the following Christmas. I cut four quarters of white cotton, and gave one to each of the three girls, telling them to embroider whatever they wanted on their quarters, just so it reminded them of Christmas. Mine is the Christmas Tree quarter, and it wasn't my original design. I sewed them all together, pressed interfacing to the back to stabilize the whole thing, added a fluffy ruffle and bow, and, Voila! Tree Skirt!

And here's our tree. No presents yet, because Thor thinks he should eat wrapping paper that's abandoned for more than a couple of hours.

Tomorrow I'll show you all Mary Christmas. Now I'm going to run around like a crazy person for the next 12 to 14 hours, before grabbing 4 or 5 hours sleep and starting over. Hope you all are better prepared than I!


Anette said...

You'll get there! Christmas will come whether you're ready or not, remember to breathe! In Norway the main day to celebrate is Christmas eve, thats when we eat our christmas dinner, open presents and so on. My kids have put their stockings up tonight, they are very excited now!

Anette said...

And I forgot: Merry Christmas!!

veedogknitter said...

What a lovely tree skirt!
Hmmm, a diet at age 89 to lengthen her life. Good for you for baking her some bread!

Paula said...

What a great Christmas Tree Skirt! I'm going to have to borrow that idea. It's a great momento, and I love it!

Glad that your kitchen is almost ready! A standding rib roast is SUPERB! YUM. I know you'll do something great with it! We're doing ham this year.

That gift basket is terrific. I'm glad the doctors prescribed the mediterranean diet instead of some blah, bland muck stuff that would make everyone pray for the good Lord to them. And, hey, nuts are a big part of healthy eating, so the bread qualifies, right?!

Hope everyone is home and having a great time. We're going to play Twister later (I hope to be the person working the spinner and camera!)

Christo Gonzales said...

merry christmas, and cook that rib roast rare- I bet its a beauty.

Anonymous said...

I think she'll love the basket! And your tree is beautiful.

Standing rib roast is awesome and it's like set it and forget it and make a sauce...you are done!

SissySees said...

Love the tree skirt! What a great idea. And take heart; you're more prepared than I am. No tree up, no baking done, and the only presents I've wrapped are the ones that got shipped out last week.

Merry Christmas!

cidell said...

What a cool idea on the tree skirt! Merry Christmas!

pam said...

What a great idea you had for that tree skirt. I wish I had done something like that with my daughters.