Monday, September 8, 2008

I've Been Awarded!

I'm not really sure why, but the Blonde Duck saw fit to call me brilliant. Me? She writes about Miss Pickles. And she thinks I'm brilliant. Hmmmm. Thanks, Duckie, for venturing from the pond to visit me. Come on by any time to snarf up some of those desserts.
And from Gaylen, I received this award:

Thor would like to thank all of you, his friends all around the world, for encouraging Gaylen to give him this most prestigious Dog Award.....wait, are you saying it's not for Thor? Nonsense. Don't we all know Thor does the Thursday post? It's just that his human has to type it, because we're still working on making Thor's thumbs opposable! I'd like to pass this one on to the Blonde Duck and Queen Bitty, and to Linda and Notshy (with honorable mention of her cat, DoDad).


Paula said...

Congrats to you and Thor! You are brilliant ... and creative. I secretly think you're wonderwoman! What a fun doggie lover award that is! Has the big guy adjusted to the quiet(er) household?

gaylen said...

Of course the award is for Thor! Who would think otherwise? Not one of the dogs in my household! Personally - I love it when they dictate the post. g

Linda said...

Well Notshy (and me) is thrilled, her first award! Thanks!