Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Amy Wants to Know More About Meme!

Here and I've always found myself boring, but Amy, who's been following me, but doesn't comment, has tagged me with a "Meme". Now, I've got to love Amy. What's not to love about a lady whose self description reads, "I'm short. I'm fat. I sew"? I love it! Honesty! She wants me to tell you 7 things about myself that you don't know. I promise, this will be a great replacement for those Sominex tablets you were hunting for....

1. I always thought I was pretty smart, but not that pretty. When my dearly beloved met me, he thought I was really pretty, but it took him "several years" (his admission to one of our sons recently) to figure out that I had more brainpower than your average sugar beet.

2. I married the only redhead I ever dated; I knew I'd marry him after a week. Happily, the fact that we're both red means we've not been sunburnt in 30 years, and haven't suffered the annoyance of explaining to anyone why we won't stay in the sun for more than, say, 6 minutes!

3. I watch the clothes in the movies, not just the movies, and sometimes find things I want to replicate. If you've seen the movie Atonement (which I rented a week or 2 ago), I want the green dress on Claire in the pivotal scenes of the movie. I even have luscious green satin in just that shade. Now, if only I had somewhere to wear it!

4. I'm allergic to peppers of all kinds. I'll only eat small amounts of cooked, minced onions in my food. I don't like olives; I don't eat purple foods or fungus. I know, that's a lot of food rules.

5. I like big dogs and orange cats. Most dogs aren't big, despite what their humans think.

6. I taught myself to wallpaper in 1996, after spending about 3 minutes watching a demo at a (name your big box building materials store). I've since redone 8 rooms in the house.

7. I would like to drive a Rolls Royce with the new, big V-12 engine. There are only a couple of minor problems: first, the roads around here won't let me drive it the way it deserves to be driven; second, I can't justify paying the price of a house for a car, and, third, I don't know anyone who will loan me one. Ah, heck, since I work from home, I don't need another car anyway. And I like working from home, and never having to leave the house. Yes, I'm just that boring!

Thanks for reading! Leave a comment, if you wish! And I won't tag anyone, but if you'd like to tell me one thing about yourself in a comment, I'd love to hear it!


noble pig said...

I say get your only live once!

Marjie said...

No Rolls. Price tag aside, do I really want to sign up for a car that has to take a flatbed ride 150+ miles to Philly or Greenwich to get its oil changed, which is guaranteed to cost a total of a couple grand a pop? I'll just dream.

Prudy said...

I love the more brain power than a sugar beet line. You're not just smart and pretty but talented and funny too.

Paula said...

This didn't even slightly make me drowsy! I wonder what your hubby and son were talking about that led to his admission? Hmmm ... getting advice about a girl, perhaps? Or maybe telling the son not to mess with mom, she knows what she's talking about? I can totally see you scoping out clothes, and then recreating them. Bummer about the peppers, but I think I read where you don't like them anyway, so at least you aren't craving them. I wonder how Thor feels about orange cats. Of course, he's so good with the guinea pigs that he'd just shrug his shoulder and go get his lobster. I need to learn how to take down wallpaper ... I have a border that needs to go. I've never been in a Rolls, but it would be fun to go for a spin in one!

Linda said...

I just wish I had food rules.

Anonymous said...

You soound very interesting and your writing is not a sleeping pill, oh, contrare. I love novels with a Rolls in them and a chauffeur to go along with it. They-the novels, are usually romantic, suspenseful and stiff upper lip and so far flung, that they take me away from the mundane life I lead, for a few hours....I also love for those novel to have and English Mastiff or two in them... That as close to Rolls & mastiffs I'll ever get, alas.

Enjoyed your blog.

A harmless bloghopper - who hops to blogs from other safe freindly blogs.