Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Independence Day at the Lake

We went to our friend's lake cottage in Connecticut for the 4th of July, along with many of the kids.  Don't get too jealous about us being all fancy and whatnot; I don't think this lake is a lot bigger than my yard.  But with good food and good friends, it was fun.

So, Greg had this sign posted inside the cottage (which, by the way, is about 15'x20', with no heat, so it's a true cottage).  I thought I should see how many of the Lake Rules we collectively could meet.
Obviously, We got one right off: Take pictures!

Sit by the fire....check!
 Read a book.....check!
 Eat too much....check!  (Especially when it's New England Steamers!)
 Make memories....Check! With my darling Maddie and my dearly beloved!
 Take a nap....check!
 Take a boat ride....check!  And be towed in the tube behind the boat, preparing to be dumped out...
Study these carefully; the first one is Tank looking at Jeffrey and the tennis ball...
 ...there he goes....
 ...Flying Shepherd!
 Take a swim...check!
 Make new friends...not on the list, but it should be!

 That's Jeff in the tube.  Tank saw him get in the tube and barked, "Don't worry, Dad!  I'll save you!"
 Ready for that boat ride?  Maddie isn't too sure about being stuffed in this giant pink thing.
 Don't worry about anything....check!
 Play a game....check!
Have fun...check!

So, I'm late with this post, but a great time was had by all.  Happy Tuesday, evernyone!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017


The newest member of our family, and the reason Maddie came to stay for 2 weeks:

He is (to borrow a phrase from Game of Thrones) The Fifth of His Name: Michael V.  It's a name 174 years in the making.  III studying little V very carefully.

 Three generations with the same name: III, IV, V.  Our son was absurdly pleased to pass on the name (and I was thrilled, too).
 Both children with parents and grandparents.  The baby looks like he's wondering what that big kid there is doing, while Maddie just wants to romp and play.
Michael was under 7-1/2 pounds, which is 2 full pounds smaller than his sister, and that thrilled their mama.

So there you have it: the newest member of our family!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Another Birthday!

While Maddie was here, Cass and Bebop came home for Cass' birthday.  Birthdays are always a good time, and everyone loves an excuse for cake and presents.
 Of course, Bebop came to the party.  Maddie was amazed when he got to be so tall!

Cass opened presents, and Maddie taste-tested one.

Blowing out the candles....

 We got Bebop a doggie DNA test kit.  Look at how this poor guy was struggling; who knew that a cheek swab was so very painful?  Silly boy.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Monday, June 26, 2017

I'm Not Lost...

Honest, I'm not.  We had Maddie for 2 weeks while her baby brother was making his entrance into this world; it was delightful.  Our son said he and his wife missed Little Girl, but we told him that was just their imagination.  Sadly, we still had to take her home.

She loved Bebop.
 Aunt Cass helped her fly to attack Grandpa.
 Sharing a PB&J with Bebop...did I mention that he loved her, too?
 Maddie brought along this puppy, who sings.  Highly recommended for anyone with a 1-year-old.
 Sitting with Uncle Ryan.
 Watching Up with Aunt Cass and, of course, Bebop.
 "Are you gonna save me? We can play!"
 Maddie was just starting to walk; I bought her these adorable little sandals with a really thin sole.
 Surrounded by toys, life is good.  And that block is really tasty.
"Uncle Mark's gonna share. I know he is!"

 Remember the walking in the sandals?  Yeah, they usually stayed on the feet for at least 90 seconds.  But they were fun to carry around after she inspected them.

 And, of course, life is always better when sitting with Grandpa.  He reads good stories, and lets her play with his newspaper, too.

Happy Monday, everyone!

Monday, June 5, 2017

A Big Milestone!

Mark graduated from high school yesterday!  I can't believe it; for the first time in 30 years - yes, THIRTY years - I won't be sending anyone off to school in the mornings.  My baby will be going to college in the fall.  I'm not going to lie; this is weird. (I don't know why these pictures won't sit right.  This is annoying.)

Mark went to a Jesuit high school (and I learned yesterday that there are only 47 Jesuit high schools in the entire country), and the graduation was the most formal one I've ever seen. The boys were in tuxes ($133 rental, thank you very much) and the girls wore long white dresses.  I was in the middle of the audience, and couldn't get any really good pictures.  Even the 200mm camera lens wasn't much help.  But here he is, walking across the stage!
 Ignore the fact that Mark is on his side - he was really standing up straight.  Didn't he look handsome?  The school gave the rose boutoniers to each boy, and a red rose with baby's breath to each girl.

 Looks pretty pleased with himself, doesn't he?
 No, I didn't suddenly get taller; I was wearing 4" heels for the occasion. 
 Once we got home, I got a picture with Mark where I'm my normal height.  You can see just how delighted Mark was with having his picture taken....again....
 And, the day before he graduated, the school held a baccalaureate mass, and gave each graduate an inspirational medal, with a quote from St. Ignatius.  I hope this doesn't mean they expect to have just turned loose 173 fresh arsonists.
Happy Monday, everyone!