Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Greasing Pans

Greasing pans is the bane of my existance. OK, maybe not THE bane, but it's close.

I really can't stand buying those cans of spray for the pans. Every time I turn around, they're empty, and I have a fairly large can to get rid of. You may think, "Big deal! With a household of 11, they must have truckloads o
f trash!" Nope. One can per week. I rarely use cans, never use glass jars, and my single biggest trash luxury is the Wall Street Journal. Meats are wrapped in plastic wrap by the butcher; no styrofoam trays for me! But I digress.

I've always used crisco and paper towels to grease my pans, but that can be sloppy, too. So, when I saw this little gismo at Amazon.com for under 10 bucks, I had to try it. I've had it 3 weeks now, so it's probably safe to say that it works pretty well. Yo
u simply pour about a cup of plain vegetable oil in it, pump it up with the cap (sitting beside it), and spray your pan. If you look at my pan of butterscotch fingers, you'll see that they came out of the pan nicely.

This is the best solution I've found to greasing pans. Has anyone found a better one?


Paula said...

Hi Marjie! I've seen these and have heard great reviews about them. I don't like using the ready to use spray cans like PAM because of the aerosol fumes (yuck!) and the chemically taste. When I do need to grease a pan, I usually get a plastic baggie, wear it like a glove, use it to spread the Crisco/oil/butter, and then turn it inside out for grease free hands. My mom always used a small piece of folded wax paper that she left in the crisco can to spread it. Glad to hear you like your latest purchase!

Claire S. said...

I'm in the crisco/wax paper group - just 'cos that's what Mom did :-)

Pam said...

I am always looking for kitchen gadgets and now that I am doing more baking this is perfect for me. Thanks!!

Maria said...

I like the new baking spray with flour for baking. I adore my silpat for cookie sheets, etc. And parchment usually works well. I will have to try this out!

gaylen said...

so, do you not recycle the Wall Street Journal? I don't have a family of 11, but we have a very small garbage footprint. Between recycling and composting there isn't much left. Next up - reusable shopping bags.

imjacobsmom said...

I'm with Paula I also use a plastic bag in the Crisco, because I just don't care for the PAM spray's taste and fumes. Thanks for the tip. ~ Robyn

Anonymous said...

I bake and cook mostly on Pampered Chef stoneware - no need for crisco or pam! The exception is my stoneware bundt pan, on which I use generous amounts of Pam. When I make individual egg sandwiches, I do use Pam to spray the cereal bowls before cracking the egg and throwing them in the micro.

I'm really enjoying your blog! How do you manage 9 children?? I have 3 girls and want to homeschool but am starting to reconsider!!