Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Garden Tuesday: You Know What Happened!

8" Saturday, and another 3" today:
Didn't the little boys do a great job shoveling a path out to the street?

 And this is what's outside my kitchen window.
Happy Tuesday, everyone!  Stay warm!


~~louise~~ said...

Oh gosh Marjie, you got so much more snow than we did. We got about 6 inches total and not much today.

You got some great shots and the kids did a pretty darn good job shoveling that pathway. I tried to take some pictures from the house but, I keep getting a glare on the windows. I'm just gonna have to venture out:)

Thank you so much for sharing Marjie. They say the end of the week is going to be unseasonably warm!

Big Dude said...

I didn't think you'd continue to escape the snow - I could go for a nice little six inch snow.

Anonymous said...

That last photo could be an illustration in a fairy tale. Keeper.

Two French Bulldogs said...

Perfect job!

pam said...

Send me some!!! Well, not until January, because Friday is our last day of school!

Pam said...

Lucky! We have no snow and it's super dry here. My hair is a static ball & my skin is painfully dry. Oh how I long for snowy days.