Saturday, November 20, 2010

Next Week's Menus

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for. It's when you get to say, "Damn, she's nuts. I'm glad I'm not that crazy lady in pink!" I've gotten the menus for next week nailed down, the girls are on their way home, and Thor understands that something exciting is going to happen.

Sunday, 11/21
2 roast chickens with lemon/tarragon seasoning
heart attack potatoes

creamed spinach
big fat yeast rolls
strawberry shortcake
(cookies for school lunches)

Monday, 11/22
Meat loaf (what little kid doesn't like it?)
penne with garlic and olive oil
green beans

creamed corn
Peppermint Patty cake

Tuesday, 11/23
Ham with orange mustard glaze (seriously, what kind of idiot tries a new recipe on a holiday week?)
sour cream potatoes
cauliflower with cheddar cheese
Pullman bread

Brownie Tuesdays

Wednesday, 11/24
Roast beef
Angel hair with white clam sauce
chocolate cake

Thursday, 11/25
Thanksgiving, still in the planning

Friday, 11/26
Thanksgiving leftovers
And my 3rd son's birthday - I feel a cake coming on!

Saturday, 11/27
Penne with meat sauce

(probably still plenty of leftover desserts)

Breakfast all week will be oatmeal, waffles or eggs - strictly do it yourself style. If you can't make your own breakfast, you probably deserve to starve, after all. If you're interested, many of these recipes appear somewhere in my past history, but I'll be happy to pass on
anything you want.

And I currently have a pound cake and a loaf of sweet potato bread in the oven. I know they're not on the schedule, but I wanted them. So, off to play with Thor and work on my dress while they cook. And, for the record, my sparkly dress is washable. Mango expressed concern that I didn't appear to be wearing slobber proof gear, but we always plan for plenty of hugs from Thor!


Diane said...

Well done, I am so impressed that you have the whole week planned! I cannot think that far ahead. Can I come and join in for the week? Love the photo of Thor. Diane

Big Dude said...

Wow - A big meal every day. I plan them like this but have learned the we need a break for leftovers every third day - I realize you don't know what they are. When do you find time to do all those other things you do?

Anonymous said...

And does Queen Elizabeth arrive on Monday or Tuesday? I'll be the scullery maid if you let me eat the kitchen scraps.

Dexter said...

That's right, Thor, I have that whole face in the armpit at the dinner table move all down like you told me (although Master says Thanksgiving will be served in the barn and no dogs). We'll see about that.

I am exhausted just reading your menus. Oh please will your mom adopt me?


Sue said...

You've inspired me. I just returned from the grocery store and tomorrow morning I'm making bread. I really feel like baking lately, so maybe I'll do my pie early and who knows, maybe some cookies, too.

Linda said...

I think you better keep both of the old fridges at least until this week is over;) Your daughter sure does look like you.

pam said...

I got exhausted just reading your menu!!! There's going to be lots of food and fun at your house!

Fannie Farmer (Mrs.) said...

Enjoy the holiday. I've just quoted your Cottage Cheese Pie recipe from last Thanksgiving in the comments section at Fafblog!

Mickle in NZ said...

Wowie! Wish I was there to help. I agree with Linda about the fridges.

And it is just as well U.S. ovens are a good deal wider than standard ovens here. Now, do put your feet up come Friday.

~~louise~~ said...

I've said it before and I've just resigned myself to saying it every now and again so get use to it, YOU are just amazing!!! A week of meals, holy Thor!!!

Thanks for sharing the inspiration Marjie.

Wishing you and all of yours a memorable Thanksgiving!!!

HermitJim said...

Looks like you have things pretty much in control! You're quite a woman, my friend!

Happy holidays to you and yours!

SissySees said...

I was very excited about the sweet potato bread, but that sweet parting photo distracted me. Will you share the recipe?

gMarie said...

Well I previously shared my menus with you. I am not only trying a new recipe, I bought a new crock pot too - let's hope they play nice together.

Your menu sounds fabulous! I'm about ready for company tonight - pumpkin bread pudding is done (it's a PC recipe Chan shared - let me know if you want it). My biggest challenge is going to be my non-meat eating friends who are coming for turkey. g

Sarah said...

I feel much better now, knowing that you have them make their own breakfast! I agree - let 'em starve or cook it yourself! Great food at your house... I might drop in!

Lapdog Creations said...

Will you adopt me? =)