Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dogs on....Wednesday?

Our friend Mango, a genuine full sized brindle Mastiff, presented Thor with this award.
Thor is supposed to tell you 10 things about himself. So, without further ado, I yield this space to Thor.

My thanks to Mango for sharing this award with me. I am pleased to tell you all 10 things about me, some of which may shock you, and you will doubtless say to others, "I knew that!"

1. I was 9-1/2 years old last weekend. We had applesauce meringue cake, my favorite. Our household doesn't normally do the "half birthday" routine, but the old folks said I'm really old, and my boys were more than willing to have cake in honor of that.

2. I don't like other dogs. They hop around too much, and try to play bitey face. I'm a pretty calm kind of guy.

3. I was not the biggest pup in the two litters born within 3 d
ays of each other at the very beginning, but I was by the time I went home at 7 weeks. I'm glad my people chose me out of the 23 mastiff puppies available!
4. I'm happiest in the middle of whatever my people are doing. I'm a person, too, you know.

5. I never sit on the furniture. It is strictly forbidden.
6. My favorite person is the Great Red Protector. When my boys are too rowdy, I take my toys and go to Mr. Red for protection. No one will bother me with him around.

7. I don't think I've been fed unless I get human food. Really, do any of you content yourselves with Bites and Bones? I didn't think so.

8. I will always sit hopefully while my people eat, and follow them around when they're gathering snacks. I stop instantly if Mom speaks to me. She has some sort of strange rule about dogs not begging. I'm not begging. I'm just hopeful.

9. I once wandered out of our gate for a walk, about 6 years ago. I got lost, and was gone for 4 days. A friend of the lady across the street called that lady, who called Mom about 9AM on a Sunday morning, asking if the big black faced dog still lived in this house. Mom roused the high school troops, put them in their 2 diesel Mercedes, and sent them for a drive toward where I had been spotted, about 4 miles away. About 6 hours later, my girls were walking around the neighborhood when I found them. I followed the smell of the diesel engines home. And I refused to go out alone for about 2 weeks.

10. I love hearing from all of you, and I'm so glad you are my friends! Thank you for visiting me.

Love, Thor


Dexter said...

THOR! That was an awesome post! It was great to hear about your large and handsome self.

I am so respectful of your years and wisdom and it is great to see you still smiling an enjoying life.

I can't believe you ran away for four whole days! I think that was a bad decision on your part, but you got home OK and that's what counts.


Marjie said...

Thor wants to assure you all that he didn't run away. It's just that there were interesting places to visit, and he couldn't find his way home. Who knew that a pair of diesel cars would save poor Thor?

Pam said...

This post makes me love him even more!

gemma said...

Thor must have caused so much heartache and anguish during those four days. He surely knew that he never wanted to do that again. Thus the need to be in the middle of the fam.

Thanks Thor for sharing your life. We love you.

gMarie said...

Oh Thor how scared you must have been. Thank goodness that lady knew the lady who knew the lady who saw you so she could call your mom.

You are an adorable boy and if you lived with me - I'd lobby for 1/4 birthdays!! (but I don't bake near as good as your mom!) g

Big Dude said...

Great post Thor, but sounds like you live under some strick rules - no furniture, no begging - what's with that? But it sounds like it works well for all of you.

Sue said...

We'll bet the worst part of being lost was no dinner. Why does human food taste so much better than our stuff?
Morgan, Tsar and the Porties

Sarah said...

Thanks for sharing, Thor! Nice to get to know you better.

Jed and Abby in MerryLand said...

Hello, Thor! We're a couple of rescue doggies, so we sure know what you felt like back when you were lost & hungry. But fortunately we doggies have a gift for living in the present and we mostly don't let bad baggage weigh us down. Sounds like you have a lively household, which probably keeps your mentals and physicals all stimulated, surely adding many more years to your most august lifetime of experiences.

Jed & Abby

monica said...

23 puppies?! your poor mother...
and away from your people for 4 days - AND nights!! uh, what horror.. Being hopeful and optimistic - that's what mastiff life is about.. :o)

pam said...

Thor. The more we know, the more we love.

SissySees said...

Oh heavens. I'm almost glad we didn't know you when you took your big walk. I was very literally sick the whole 19 hours Gretchen was gone.

We're also exceptionally glad you're blessed with longevity. You're a grand gent, and a fine ambassador for polite dogs everywhere.

Lapdog Creations said...

What a great list Thor. We're glad you learned that you're not supposed to go out for a walk by yourself ... because none of us are smart enough to remember the way home!
Zeus, Lola, Tut & Sophie

The Blonde Duck said...

That's so scary he got lost! And I love the lobster!

Unknown said...

Hey Thor - that was really interesting learning all those things about you! And I think you're an amaing age for a giant doggie - of course you should celebrate "half-birthdays"! :-)

Your Great Escape adventure does sound a bit scary - I'll bet your humans were so glad to finally have you home again!

Honey the Great Dane