Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Outfit!

Two daughters left yesterday to return to college, the third is out with friends, and most of my menfolk are watching football. There's only so many times I can wander through the room and wonder why the Eagles are losing so badly to the guys in the cheese colored outfits and hats, so you know where I went for the day....

I started with the midnight blue velour (Diane, all of the velour is 60" wide; it's just wonderful), but then was distracted by a couple of floral fabrics. One of them needed to be a bright, cheerful skirt, to counteract the dead of winter doldrums. I have to say that I'm really glad that I learned to do lapped zipper applications last year; I can hardly tell the zipper is there. Truthfully, however, my buttonholes leave a lot to be desired.

Another wonderful thing in sewing world is machines that do blind hems. Hemming has always been the bane of my existence; hand sewing is too tedious for me. So, when I saw a mchine that would do blind hems back in 1989, I had to have it, even though it was $400 way back then. And when it died in 2004, I replaced it, although the price had dropped to under $300 by then. Nowadays, even basic machines seem to incorporate this feature. While mine might not be as nice as a hand sewn hem, it's not bad.

Then I tried a new view of a pattern I love for a new velour top. I'm not sure I adore the top, but a few adjustments here and there will probably fix that. It was a weird one to make, because the prodecures are not what I expected at all, but I got through it.

So, on a dreary day, when football's the only amusement available, I got a new outfit! And now I can return to my velour, and maybe a couple more skirts, a much happier person!


pam said...

I couldn't even seen your zipper!!! Mine are such a mess.

Mickle in NZ said...

Your blind hemming looks perfect to me, and your serger gives such an even stitch. Well done for rewarding yourself with new clothes.

I can follow a rugby union, rugby league, soccer and even an Aussie Rules football match but American football has me baffled - dear Dad describes them thus "they run around for about 30 seconds, then stop for a committee meeting".

Later this year NZ is host to the 4-yearly Rugby World Cup - I plan to hibernate my way through it all!

SissySees said...

What a productive way to ignore football!

Anonymous said...

Dear "Harriet", while perusing sites on the old series, i came across your description as a new Harriet. Dear lady, not to sound chauvinistic, but the series Harriet was never blessed quite like you. Nice to accent the positive. Your guy is lucky. Mike