Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Well, What Did I Expect?

It's winter, of course.  It snowed last week.  It's snowing again today.

 (The streaks in the pictures are big, fat snowflakes.)

Well, what did I expect?  It's January!

And the snow is better than the promised single digit to negative double digit temperatures we've been promised after this is over.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!  Stay warm!


rottrover said...

YOU stay warm! Sending some 70F rottie hugs. Heading into 5 days of rain tomorrow with temps in the 60's.

-Otto and Osa

Big Dude said...

The snow is pretty, but... Often when we go south to escape the cold, it ends up being pretty at home but not this time as the cold and snow are dipping into TN while we are enjoying low 70's here in Tucson.

Pam said...

SO beautiful. Hope you stay warm!!!

Rhodesia said...

It looks much like what we drove through in France yesterday coming back home. Horrible to drive in!!! Hope you are well Diane

grace said...

one thing i regret about living in charlotte is the absolute lack of snow. i don't want tons, but i'd love for eva to be able to build a snowman and go sledding! so picturesque. :)