Monday, December 17, 2018

.Monday Miscellany: It's all I do These Days

Our community center was holding a wreath making....class? party? get together?  Whatever.  My next door neighbor Judy and I went, the deal being pay $3, make a wreath for the Comm, and one for yourself.  The greens are donated by the local Christmas tree farms.  I made the bow at home; not bad for a rank amateur.

That caused Judy to invite me to go to the holiday formal, fondly known as "The Comm Prom", with her and her husband the next day.  Black tie affair: did I have a long dress?  Of course!  I had a new dress, and was all set!

Judy told her husband that he was escorting the 2 hottest babes in town.  He didn't disagree.

Meanwhile, back at home, I knew that Kellie was hosting the potluck Christmas dinner that her group of friends holds every year, rotating the host.  So I wanted to make her some Christmas napkins.  I made 12, and thought they were very festive.

Then I talked to her 3 days before the party, and discovered that she had 18 people coming!  Oh, no!  She would have to choose who was good enough to get a fancy napkin, and who had to live with a paper napkin.  Couldn't have that.  So off to the fabric store I raced, only to discover that my original fabric was gone.  I'd say my second dozen were a close enough coordinate to the originals.  I also made her 4 trivets to match, but, of course, no pictures of those.

Finally, I wanted to send a present to the relative in Denver.  Easy peasy! Trivets, a set of 8 napkins (I'm not gonna lie, I didn't get the cardinals positioned correctly; they all look like they're napping),

and a frilly apron (please don't mind the fact that I sewed the pocket upside down; think of it as cardinals doing gymnastic stunts).

Like I said, it's good to stay busy.

Up next: Adorableness involving narwhal fleece.  You'll see.  Adorableness that must be done by Friday!

Happy Monday, everyone!


Faye Lewis said...

You look absolutely marvelous and you have been busy!

Sue said...

Send me some of your sewing energy. I have so much to sew and keep procrastinating. While you're at it, tell me the secret to those festive napkins.

grace said...

who would've ever though narwhals would become popular? :)
you look wonderful!!

Big Dude said...

I'd say Judy was right about the babes.

Pam said...

It makes my heart so happy seeing you out and about! You and your friend look lovely - her husband was a lucky man that night!

Love the napkins and the second set looks really nice with the first set! Good save. The apron is adorable.

Looking forward to seeing what you make with the fun fabric for the grandchildren.

gemma said...

You're looking fabulous -- and that pocket on the apron? My grandmother would say that it's to prove that you actually made it. It's so perfect that no one would believe it's home made - you always make a mistake (a perfect one of course) and then it's proof that you are a spectacular crafts woman. I have a crib sized quilt she made for me. Each square has a different calico print butterfly in the center. She never had a machine, it's all hand stitched and no one can believe it. Each stitch is perfectly, exactly the same and the only thing that proves it's handmade is -- one butterfly is flying in the opposite direction from the others. Gotta hand it to gram - she was crafty in more ways than one.