Friday, November 14, 2008

Two Games of Tag

Here and I thought I was too old for tag. I guess you never know.

Katherine at Smoky Mountain Cafe tagged me for a "7 Things" game. You may recall that Thor played "7 Things" a couple of weeks back. He's probably more interesting than me, but here goes.

1. I talk in my sleep. I've also been known to wander around in my sleep. Oh, well, only the time I yanked all the bedcovers off at 3AM and told my dearly beloved to get downstairs now and call the fire department because the bed had sprung a gas leak was it really disruptive.
2. I'm allergic to bees, and hate all bugs in general. Finding a creepy crawly thing anywhere around me causes me to come unhinged.
3. Excluding my road trips to colleges, I've only driven about 500 miles this year. Yes, five hundred.
4. I work from home. I have a UPS pickup every day. My UPS men love Thor.
5. I read cookbooks, but rarely follow the directions. I treat them as suggestions.
6. I'm afraid of turtlenecks. They make me claustrophobic, and I start to hyperventilate. I also can't watch movies or TV shows where people go into small spaces, because the thought of small spaces makes me claustrophobic.
7. I like cats, especially orange ones, and big dogs. Small dogs are cute, but I can't live with them.

That's it; I believe this should have been good for you in place of your "sleep-eze"!

But, in case you're still awake, The Blonde Duck also tagged me to say something about the last 10 people who commented on my blog. Now, if you aren't one of those 10, you know I appreciate you anyway. I never thought people would come back to see what I had to say, and I am humbled and honored that so many of you do. The last 10 of you are:

Pam in Portland, who takes beautiful pictures and cooks wonderful food. She even takes this beautiful food to her friends for their birthdays and other get togethers. She has 2 adorable little kids, too.

Paula. My Calvert homeschooling friend for almost 2 years, and who I'm sorry couldn't make her husband's giant corporation transfer him here so she could move in across the street this summer. Her kids are the same ages as my little guys, she cooks interesting foods, and writes great stuff!

Doggy Bloggy, a stream of consciousness writer who loves all things food and throws interesting tidbits about NYC life into his blog upon occasion.

Grace, a southerner transplanted to snowy upstate New York, who makes us all laugh, and who shares my love of baked goods, chocolate, cinnamon, apples and many other things, in no particular order. Funniest of all was her Halloween costume. Go find it; I'll wait.

Dunadan, who found me just yesterday. She has three beautiful little boys, and I enjoyed her family magazine. Dunadan, I hope you come to visit me often!

Katherine, a transplant from New Orleans to an area in which I've lived, cooks great food, has a couple of nice girls, and family who visits her regularly. I'm always happy to pay a visit to Katherine (who tagged me for the "7 things").

Kitty, a delightful entrepreneur from England. I love her pictures of everyday life "across the pond", her take on styles, and her comments on life, food, and whatever else is on her mind.

Chan, who has dogs, knits, and enjoys tea. Life doesn't get a lot better.

There are so many more of you who commented about Thor on Thursday - all the dog lovers out there - Thor sends big, slobbery puppy kisses and nudges (or pushes) with his giant head. And he wants to know if anyone wants to play rope?


Paula said...

Oh, this was fun to read! My hubby talks in his sleep, as does my oldest gal. I'm totally with you when it comes to 8 legged creepy crawlies. We also share claustrophobia. We are cat people; love dogs, too (Especially your Thor!) Although you don't travel much, you certainly do travel in style! Oh what a great time we would have if we were neighbors! Cruisin' around in Marjie's car! :-)

mikemathew said...

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The Blonde Duck said...

I love that! I hate turtlenecks too and I also sleepwalk. My college roomate found me standing over her once....

Katherine Roberts Aucoin said...

I'm allergic to bees too. Thanks for being a good sport Margie.

SissySees said...

I talk in my sleep. Mugsy and my father were allergic to bees. I suddenly became turtleneck intolerant last year - or two winters ago?. And, the Knight also believes recipes are merely an inspiration. Me? I read cookbooks too, like a good novel, cover to cover.

Pam said...

It's so great to learn more about you. I am not a fan of creepy bugs either - especially spiders. I also talk in my sleep. Thanks for tagging me.

grace said...

afraid of turtlenecks, eh? i'm not afraid of them, i just hate them with the passion of 1000 fiery suns. also, i'm jealous of your lack of driving.
thanks for your kind words, by the way. :)