Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving Week

Following the lead of The Blonde Duck, I thought I'd make a list of the things for which I'm thankful (yes, I'm such a grammar nerd I can't stand the "dangling preposition").

1. I am thankful to have found a man who has happily tolerated me for nearly 30 years, despite my often dour disposition and fiery temper, because our personalities are exactly suited to each other. He has made an unhappy person into a very happy one, a
nd for that I give thanks every day.

2. I am thankful to have nine children who all healthy, intelligent, and good-looking to boot. How much better can life get?

3. I am thankful to have had three "gentle giants" with which to raise my children. There is nothing like a calm dog to soothe everyone's nerves, and smooth over ruffled feathers and hurt feelings. There's also nothing like the security of knowing that no one will come in your yard because there's a dog the size of a bear in that yard!

4. I am thankful that I found my Readers Digest cookbo
ok at a tag sale for a quarter when I was 15. I'd never have known that food didn't have to come from a box, and could taste good, without it (I suppose I should be happy that I can read well, too!).

5. I'm thankful that I took that one sewing class in high school, and decided I could teach myself to sew as well as my maternal grandmother did. (And I finished my Thanksgiving dress this afternoon, so all is right in my little world!)

6. I'm thankful that my parents were so irresponsible that I became a compulsive saver, making my own life so much more comfortable.

7. I am thankful that my children are all eager to arrive home (if they haven't already) and spend time with us, and, more importantly, each other. To have raised children who have grown up to be each other's best friends is the greatest accomplishment anyone can have (just ask the parents of the lovely and talented Mrs. Prudence Pennywise how wonderful they feel!).

Also, I am grateful for you, my "invisible friends", for stopping by to visit me and enjoy my little corner of the world.

Time to stop feeling happy, chase those kids out of my kitchen and make them stop making cookies under Thor's supervision, and begin some serious cooking!


Christo Gonzales said...

do eye spy with my little eye TWO dishwashers? I guess you would need them....happy thanksgiving...I think about you a lot my new blog friend...especially now when I am 'winging it' on making bread without a recipe....

Unknown said...

Oh, you big meanie! No more cookies. Love list of thankfuls. Sometimes it is indeed the smallest of things that make us happy. g

Pam said...

You do have a lot to be thankful for. I can't wait to see your Thanksgiving recipes!

jesse said...

This is such a sweet post... if I were your hubby I'd give you a huuuuuge hug right now and a slobbery kiss!

Anonymous said...

Awesome post. :o) And what a pretty kitchen!!

Anonymous said...

Very nice, it is the perfect time of year to remind ourselves why our lves are so full.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your thankful list! Item #4 made me giggle:

"4. I am thankful that I found my Readers Digest cookbook at a tag sale for a quarter when I was 15. I'd never have known that food didn't have to come from a box, and could taste good, without it (I suppose I should be happy that I can read well, too!)."

Why did it make me giggle? Because when I was 11 or 12 and my mother asked me if I wanted to learn to cook, I answered "Why? I can read can't I?" Of course I meant since I could read well, that surely I would be able to cook well from a cookbook. Then as a newlywed I was calling home asking Mom how to make gravy! (shaking my head in disbelief) Thank you for reminding me of that statement.

Happy thanksgiving!

The Blonde Duck said...

That's so sweet! I love it. And if you're a grammer nerd, how can you read my blog? I'm dreadful at grammar and spelling! (See above).

Anette said...

Greetings from Norway! I enjoy reading your blog, and I'm very impressed with you! No wonder your children are good friends, it seems that they come from a good and including family!

Linda said...

You are a blessed woman! I'm thankful for the Fanny Farmer cookbook I got while still in high school.:)

grace said...

you know you're doing something right when your kids are excited about coming home. :)
i hope your thanksgiving was marvelous and that you recover swiftly. :)