Friday, November 21, 2008

Thanksgiving Week planning

The first of the kids come home from college tonight. Jeff just called and said he's going to get his sisters, and they'll be on the road at 5:30, with an ETA of 11:15, and, by the way, what's for dinner? Of course, being the doting Mom, dinner will be served at 11:30PM. Yup, I'm nuts.

So, since all of you are just dying to know (choke, choke), here's the Thanksgiving week menu. Thanksgiving's menu will probably be finalized and posted tomorrow.

Friday (today)
2 poached chickens (James Beard, don't fail me!)

green beans
ciabatta bread
chocolate cake

Penne with meat sauce
orange almond salad

orange ice cream and kisses


Pork butt a la Wall Street Journal
milk bread
silver white cake

Chicken parmesan

mini penne
green beans

Italian bread
chocolate cake

Roast beef (another new James Beard recipe)
Rock potatoes
wheaten bread
Brownie Tuesdays

Steak for the kids, fish for the parents

angel hair in carbonara sauce

French bread
Peppermint Patty cake

Thanksgiving - To be Determined

Leftovers. I need a day off!

Dan's birthday celebration - a marble cake will be in order

2 roast chickens - lemon tarragon

steamed carrots

homestead bread
dessert to be determined (there will probably still be stuff)

Chicken Newburg
angel hair
French Bread
dessert to be determined

You will find that I've made many of these before; recipes can be had by searching my side listing.

Breakfast every day will be waffles of whatever flavor I choose to make, or oatmeal, or eggs cooked however the person who's going to eat them desires. No, I do not cook breakfast for my giant sons; they can feed themselves! And since the little boys will have next week off from school, they can feed themselves right beside their larger brothers and sisters.

There will obviously always be homemade bread and "stuff" in the fridge for lunches, along with tortillas and cans of soup! Again, lunch is "DIY" - don't dare to whine that you're hungry. My third son has been known to peer into the refrigerator and announce, sighing, "No one has come to sneak more food in from the back of this box; there's nothing good in here." You'd think after a couple of years of college food and another of his own cooking, he'd quit griping, wouldn't you?


Pam said...

You serve a homemade dessert every day? You really are AMAZING Marjie. The menu looks delicious.

Paula said...

Yeah! I'm so glad you posted your menu because now I can pilfer! I think everyone in the blogsphere will agree with me when I say your holiday menu's need to be a regular thing. :-) I bet your grocery delivery was enormous this week. Looking forward to hearing more about your James Beard recipes. I bet you are so excited to have the troops heading home. Are the "little" boys excited? Need I ask? I bet Thor can sense something is up. You are waaaaay beyond doting. Those kids are absolutely showered with love from you. Just look at how you feed them! My grandma would be proud of you! GREAT post!

Christo Gonzales said...

dang- after everyone grows up you could apply for a job with the military cooking quantities like you do...what is the grocery bill like - do they deliver it in a semi?

Anonymous said...

Um how do you do this? I mean seriously, you must be one superwoman. I am just amazed.

pam said...

Like everyone else, I am in complete awe! I wish I was flying in to have you cook for me!