Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"But It's Not an Ice Cream Flavor!"

Yes, I made plenty of ice cream this weekend. And, yes, the troops were forced to eat ice cream. Darn it! I'm so mean!

I saw this also in my Fanny Farmer cookbook. Since this is still the initial foray into the wonderful world of ice cream, my second flavor was also a "no cook" type. L
ike yesterday's flavor, try whisking it by hand every 20 to 30 minutes as it freezes, if you don't have an ice cream freezer yet. And for pity's sake invest in one! Everyone should "tubb up" with me!


2 cups thin cream (or 3/4 cup whipping cream, 1-1/4 cups milk)
2 cups bananas pureed with 1 tbsp lemon juice (about 3)
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 cup sugar

Whirl the bananas and lemon juice in your blender or food processor until they're a fine pool of mush. Add half the cream and whirl a bit longer, then pour into your ice cream maker, as it's running, followed by the balance of the cream, and "process according to directions." Look at those banana flecks in this ice cream! Aren't you at all hungry? (Yes, Peter, I'll send you some of this, too, lol)

My title is because my dearly beloved was very dubious about eating this, and that was his comment. Afterward, he did admit that despite banana not being an ice cream flavor, it was good. As a matter of fact, he's enjoying all of this so well that I might have to invest in another Pampered Chef pitcher to store it, so I can make ice cream more often than "when we finish the preceding batch.

Incidentally, with my last box of store-bought ice cream, I decided one night to make banana splits. Of course, I knew that I could make marshmallow sauce using fluff. Learn from me! Do not nuke your fluff for more than 10 to 12 seconds, and only with cream added, or it makes a terrible tragedy on the inside of your measuring cup. We're talking "scrape it off with an industrial grade tool" tragedy. However, ice cream plus sliced bananas plus marshmallow sauce plus hot fudge sauce if you like it (I don't) equals decadence unbounded!

And Happy Veteran's Day, everyone! (Or, Happy Armistice Day to the 4 remaining WWI veterans!) Let's not forget those who defend our freedoms, that we may spend our days in comfort and happiness.


cidell said...

There are several cooked versions I want to try. But, I'm scared, lol.

noble pig said...

Of course you make banana ice cream with your cases of bananas! What a treat this would be. Thanks for the warning about the fluff.

Paula said...

I've not made ice cream since before the kids were born! Scandalous! The first thing I thought of when I saw this recipe was how wonderful it would pair up with a slice of banana bread or another sweet bread. I want your energy level ... and your ice cream! :-)

Grace said...

i've seen banana ice cream at cold stone creamery, but i haven't even tried it. now i'm asking myself why i've been hesitant because yours looks great.
oh, and sorry about your microwave. :)

Peter M said...

This reminds me of one of my fave flours...banana & marshmallow...try it out!

doggybloggy said...

who cares if this isnt a commercially available flavor - I love bananas and I would love this

Pam said...

I love banana ice cream! Don't forget to try some of the recipes that I've posted from The Perfect Scoop.

jenn's an ice cream maker said...

Another math lesson? =O)

Banana ice cream is tasty! I think it tastes just like an ice cream sundae! It's also a great ice cream to make because the banana helps make the ice cream smooth! Yummy!