Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thanksgiving Dinner Plans

Does anyone else remember Chernobyl? The nuclear accident in the Ukraine in the early 1980s? For many years, because I have so many fans of dark meat, I've cooked whole turkey plus extra legs. One year, someone asked me why two turkeys had 14 legs. I responded, "I got them from Chernobyl, of course!" Everyone old enough roared with laughter. From the "under 21" set, blank stares. So, in case any of you are under 45, or just don't remember, that's the explanation for my turkey.

In addition to about a dozen hungry men (maybe more; the list is still in flux), I have a vegetarian who doesn't eat salad. She confuses me. Looks like about 18 total; we shall see. Some will go skiing that morning, and probably want warm food when they return.

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for *cough cough*:

Marjie's Thanksgiving Menu

2 Chernobyl Turkeys

8 pounds of stuffing
10 pounds mashed potatoes
10 pounds mashed sweet potatoes
acorn squash
steamed broccoli
white corn
whole cranberry sauce

jellied cranberry sauce
gravy (it will only seem like 5 gallons of gravy)
French bread
Milk bread
Whole wheat bread
Pumpkin pies
apple pies

lemon meringue pie
chocolate cake
yellow cake
silver white cake

Before dinner snacking will include Greg's 5 pounds of shrimp and bucket of cocktail sauce, cranberry bread, banana bread, squash bread, apple filled coffee cake and anything else I might feel like producing. Because I'm sure I'll have so much extra time, who knows what might occur? (Right. And I don't plan on sleeping for 3 days to get all this done.) At least I can count on my sons to carve the darn birds for me. And if the girls think they aren't peeling 20 pounds of potatoes Wednesday night, they've got a surprise coming!

But first, I need to finish my Thanksgiving dress. Right now, the front isn't even complete. I'm going to look pretty silly with pieces safety pinned to my undergarments if I don't make that machine sing!


Anonymous said...

OMG do you have three refrigerators? My gawd that is a lot of potatoes. Do you have room for one more mouth....all those cakes, wow!

Paula said...

Oh lordy. Wow! I can't imagine your energy level to handle the prep, actual cooking, and clean up for all of this! This is more than what some Country Inn's serve to guests! I'm trying to picture your kitchen and all the pots, pans, and baking dishes going all at once. Plus the microwave. All the cooking spoons and serving spoons, plates, platters, and bowls you'll use. I'm really humbled. You, my friend, are the master!!! Despite all the massive amount of work required to pull this off, I bet you are just loving having a full house again. Take good care of yourself, and actually EAT something. Would love to see a photo of you surrounded by your well fed troops! Oh, you've gotta love a vegetarian who doesn't eat salad! Ha! I'm going to make your acorn squash this year! But only enough for 10 (we're going to the neighbors!)

grace said...

all righty, what time should i try to arrive? :)

Claire S. said...

I already celebrated the Canadian Thanksgiving last month but I'm willing to have another one ! What time's dinner ? I'll even help peel potatoes - LOL

Anette said...

Wow! you are a true heroine! I bow in awe!

Linda said...

Holy Pete woman you need help! Seriously, I'll come and do whatever you need doing as long as you feed me.

Breezy Point Mom said...

Wow - your kids are never gonna want to go back to college!

Yes - ahem - I do remember Chernobyl. I guess I am right at the cusp (didn't you say 45?) of those who would laugh at a Chernobyl joke).

The Blonde Duck said...

You have a sussy on my Sunday blog!

And a Thanksgiving dress...holy crap!

jesse said...

Oh my lord, can I please come over to your place for Thanksgiving?? I'm a huuuuuge fan of dark meat too, I'll fit right in, promise! Your family is extremely lucky to have such a great chef around =D

SissySees said...

I'm impressed. That's one heck of a spread!