Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Cookbook Wednesday: Country Cooking

This is a pretty cookbook.  Really, it feels more to me like a book I'd enjoy perusing, rather than a place to find recipes.  Of course, it's published by Bon Appetit, which you don't go to for casual cooking.

It was purchased at a library used book sale.  This was obviously a library edition, given the plastic cover.  But the pocket glued inside it is the real tipoff.  I'm always sad when a book is stamped "Discard," as this one is.

 It was published in 1978.  The table of contents shows that the recipes and whatnot are collected from a variety of European countries and North America.

Look at the pretty pictures!  There are a few pages at the beginning of each section about something or other; in this case, they're writing about dinner.
 You can see how extensive the recipes are.  Not quick Wednesday night fare.

 But every page is so pretty!
This is Cookbook Wednesday, which I'm hosting while Denise is off visiting with her daughter.  Leave me a note if you'd like me to link you up.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Edited to add:

Poppy's Bean Cookbook.  Really!

Nellie's Boxcar Children Cookbook.  My kids loved the Boxcar Children. 

Debbie's Hockey Booster Club Cookbook.  Community cookbooks are always such fun.

Thanks for participating, all of you.  I'll be more prompt with my links next week.


pam said...

I love the photos in cookbooks like that!

Debbie said...

Hi Marji. Here is my Cookbook Wednesday post:

and I don't know if I answered you last week...but yes, we are from Winnemucca. LOL It's kind of a town everyone'e heard about but no one's been to. Unless you are traveling across country and need to stop to use the bathroom. LOL
Have a goo day. Love old cookbooks I can find in used book sales too!

Nellie said...

I did a Cookbook Wednesday post, though another has replaced it today.

Two French Bulldogs said...

Those pages are quite interesting
Lily & Edward

Lapdog Creations said...

Another time I wish you lived nearby (and not just because I want to sample your cooking, lol)... my Mom has had lots of old recipe books to get rid of and no one would appreciate them as much as you!

Diane said...

Love old cook books and this looks a special one. Hope all is well. Diane

Pam said...

I love old cookbooks... this one looks like a keeper. Hope you enjoy your weekend Marjie!

Poppy Crocker said...

I love library sales, garage sales, Half Price Books... anywhere I can get a good deal on old books.

My post is at

SissySees said...

What a great find! You know I adore the older cookbooks too.