Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Cookbook Wednesday: Made With Butter?

When my mother died, she had bookshelves full of cooking magazines, along with quite a few paperback cookbooks, and a very few hardcovered cookbooks.  Since she didn't like to cook, and therefore wasn't a good cook, I have no idea why she had accumulated all of these books, but there they were.  I gave most of them to Goodwill, but kept about 4.  This is one of them.


Land O' Lakes equals butter, right?  Butter equals buttery goodness, decadent flavor, and all of that, right?  This had to be a keeper.  It's a ring bound book, which is nice; in theory, you can take out the page you need, and keep the rest of the book away from the perils of cooking, wherein liquids and food grub might fly about and attack your book at any moment. Or at least wet hands might handle said cookbook.

 (Note to self: Always use the flash.  Not just sometimes.)  Some of the recipes used butter or margarine or cheese, but some didn't.  I don't believe these appetizers did.
 But look at that creamy soup goodness!  You know butter and cream are both involved in this baby.  One thing that irritated me a little is that the picture is on one side of the page, and the recipe is on the other side.  So in the photo above, the picture does not correspond with the recipes beside it.
 These chicken recipes had nothing to do with butter, but they do look pretty good.  The biggest sections in this book were Poultry and Sandwiches/Salads.  I'd have thought breads and desserts would be really big in Land O' Lakes world, but that shows just what I know.
 So I'm glad I snagged this cookbook.  I'm even going to try a chicken recipe out of it tonight.  And maybe some of these salads will make it into rotation this summer.
 This is my Cookbook Wednesday post, for Louise, who's on hiatus until after she visits her daughter!
Anyone who wants a link provided here, just let me know!

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Poppy Crocker said...

It seems really odd that they're not pushing butter as hard as they can in this book-- and that is one of the few foods that is actually pretty easy to slip into just about anything! At least it's a nice link to your family.

Pam said...

It's funny that your mom had so many cooking magazines/books but didn't like to cook.

It would drive me crazy to have the wrong picture next to the recipe! It does sound like it has some good recipes though.

Lapdog Creations said...

Looks like lots of great COMFORT foods....something I could use right about now.

Rhodesia said...

I also have my Mum's cookbooks, but she did use them and she was a good cook. There are some great old Rhodesian cook books but some of the ingredients I could never get here. Hope all is well Diane

Sue said...

I have a lot of cookbooks that don't get a whole lot of use. I do like the stay open aspect of that one but it would be nice if the pictures matched the recipes.