Friday, April 10, 2015

Honey Rolls

I found this recipe somewhere; it must have been online, because the sheet I used for the recipe was cut and pasted into a document that I could cleanly print out.  I made a double batch of these for Easter (the night of the two legs of lamb), and I had exactly 2 left over.  They were gone early the next morning.


1 cup very warm water
2 tsp yeast*
3 cups flour
1 egg, warmed to room temperature
1 tsp salt
1/4 cup honey
1 tbsp butter melted with 1 tbsp honey

Pour the water into your mixing bowl or bread machine bucket; sprinkle the yeast over it, and add the flour, egg, salt and 1/4 cup honey in the order given.  Mix according to your usual procedure or following my directions over there ---------->; add more flour if it's needed.  After the dough has risen, remove it from the bread machine or mixing bowl, place it on a piece of floured wax paper, and divide into 12 pieces.  Form each piece into a ball and place in a well greased 10" pie plate.  Melt the butter with 1 tbsp honey, and brush over the tops of the rolls.  Let them rise until doubled in bulk, then bake at 375F for 15 to 18 minutes, until nicely browned.

Lest there be any doubt about how delicious these rolls are, Mark specifically asked me on Monday night to make more.  Mark asked; you know Mark: he's my youngest, fussiest child.  He doesn't like food.  He swears you're going to love these.

Happy Friday, everyone!


Sue said...

That's a high recommendation. I think I'll print this one out and put it in my book.

Nellie said...

These sound delicious! I fear I would not be able to leave them alone.

Anonymous said...

Registers high on the Mark Scale? That's a must make.

Lapdog Creations said...

They sound amazing! Bet they would be even more delish served warm with some maple cream.... mmmmmmm

Pam said...

That's pretty big if Mark asked you to make them again. They look and sound tasty to me.

grace said...

it's interesting--i don't like honey AT ALL, but i love it when it's used to sweeten breads! i have no doubt these are wonderful. :)