Sunday, June 15, 2008

Wearing What I Sew

Gaylen asked me if I was going to participate in this. Well, since she gamely participated in the "Meme" tag, I tried to take pictures of me every day. I missed one or 2.

It was hot here all week, so I wore summer clothing all week. Three things to remember when viewing my wardrobe: first, I have not purchased a garment for myself (except undergarments and shoes) sin
ce 2002. Second, I work from home, so I wear what's comfortable. Finally, hubby works from home, too, and he likes me in short skirts. So all of my skirts are short. Whatever makes him happy is fine with me!

Monday, turquoise cotton knit tank top
and a-line skirt in navy with a little white pattern.

Tuesday, Cassandra's birthday, pink floral sundress which I made for Shannon's graduation, and then discove
red that it was snowing in Laramie. In May. I'm still not over that!

Wednesday, fuschia cotton knit tank top and ivory rayon a-line skirt.

Thursday's picture is lost, but it was a yellow and blue full circle skirt with one of my memorial day tops (the one with the little fluffy sleeves). Don't ask how one loses an electronic photo. It's another of life's great mysteries.

Friday, yello
w sundress made for Kellie's graduation (photos to follow, probably tomorrow).

Saturday, I had a scr
eaming headache and chills all day long! So I wore a maroon knit long sleeved dress. I'm decapitated for unknown reason, probably because my hair was bad or my eyes were going in 3 different directions.

Today is a pink tee with pink skirt, but the kids are out with my camera. Sorry, no photo this time.

All of these clothes came out of my sewing machine. I didn't realize just how rare people who sew are until the little boys next door were here one day, and the younger one spotted me at the sewing machine. He watched me for a while, and then asked, "Is that a shirt?" I responded affirmatively. What was I doing with it? I'm sewing it. To which he queried, "Why? What was wrong with it?" Ah, I love little kids. You never know what's coming from them next.


gaylen said...

Great job with the wardrobe. Not everything I wear comes from my machine, but I'm working toward that goal. I love your outfits and I can't believe you ever have a bad hair day :) g

Pam said...

I am so impressed! Do you sew everyday and where do you usually get your fabric from?

Paula said...

You sew ALL your clothes!!! I'm impressed. Between raising your family, working, cooking/baking, and homeschooling, you sew ALL YOUR CLOTHES! I need to ship Tessa out to you for the summer for sewing lessons. The child walks around with a threaded needle sewing bits of this and that together everyday and would love to learn to sew her own clothes.

Also, on a girlie note, I love how you adorn your outfits with that gorgeous pearl necklace (I LOVE pearls!). I also notice that you change the part in your hair day to day, or does it do that by itself. Regardless, it's gorgeous. The red top and tan(?) skirt is a lovely combo on you. I like the dark top, too.

Marjie said...

Gaylen and Paula, my hair has a mind of its own, so to speak, and it usually wants to do nothing. There's a lot of hairspray persuasion going on at times, and the part goes wherever it wants to.

Pam, I sew only on weekends. I look for inspiration on Friday night, and plan what I can make, depending upon need. I try to cut at least some things out on Friday night, too. I have a lot of fabric stuffed in shelves in my office, some came from the Hancock Fabrics closeout sale (and some from Hancock before they closed), some from a locally owned store, and some from Joann's. I'm always looking for fabric, although my dearly beloved has jokingly offered to set fire to it all if I buy any more.