Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Around the Yard

More things are blooming this week.

Like my Korean Dogwoods.
And roses.And Peonies.And, Paula was laughing at her mini van yesterday, which caused me to remember what I drove from 1995 to 2003. No one ever called this baby "mini".This was the year all 4 big boys went to Boy Scout Camp. The leaders ribbed me hard about driving the bus out to the country. The boys always referred my parking it as "docking the aircraft carrier". Yes, it's a 15 passenger Ford Club Wagon! (You know your van is seriously large when the doorpost carries a conspicuous warning sticker to the effect that this vehicle is not equipped with the Ford Ambulance Package.) But the funniest thing that happened with that van was when we took our first son to college in South Carolina. The college had told me that all parcels had to be shipped to their post office, and that they would be open until 6PM on move in Saturday. So, in the Aircraft Carrier, I was winding through the traffic in campus toward the post office, and was stopped by a rent-a-cop. Not one to be bullied, when he told me I couldn't drive down there if my son wasn't in one of 3 dorms, I told him I was going to get 10 boxes from the post office. His response was, in essence, tough nuts, lady, they never opened today; turn this thing around. To which I said, " Fine. Stop traffic in all directions and get me a 60 foot circle." They literally had to stop traffic at the 4 way intersection about 200 feet down the road, and have 4 rent-a-cops directing me to back up and turn around. My son was mortified, but hubby and I laughed for hours.

So, Paula, relatively speaking, your mini-van is a hot little automotive number.

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Paula said...

"Houston, the Eagle has landed!" Wow! Now that's what I call a van! The thing that cracks me up the most is that I bet those boys were bigger than you even back then! What a good lookin' bunch, by the way. I imagine your vehicle was full of life as you took the boys to camp!

Love the flower pictures, too.