Monday, June 9, 2008

Sunday Power Outage, or Dogs Need Electricity!

Sunday afternoon, one of my sons left to return to college for the summer session. He's changed majors about 3 times, taken time off from college, etc., and finally decided - on Thursday, yet - that he's changing majors once more. So, he had Mom the course counselor figure out what he needed to graduate, and then proceeded to register on Friday for the classes that started today! Naturally, this meant that Sunday he was driving back to college. First, he cleaned out his room, and sent this to me with the message that he's ever timely:He called me on Valentine's Day this year, laughing, and told me that he had a valentine for me. When I expressed puzzlement, he explained that there had been a table set up in the Student Union for students to make valentines, and there were plenty of girls there. Thus, being a normal, red-blooded American male, he went to join in. There was evidently a large chorus of "Awww, how sweet!" when he explained to these girls that he was making a valentine for his mother, who always sends him a box of chocolates. (They must have liked it, because he left with several new phone numbers). Having just found my valentine among his possessions, he was delivering it in his normal timely fashion. Well, I liked it, anyway.

Then, around 6PM, a line of thunderstorms went through, which caused Thor to try to hide under the kitchen table - I know, that works real well with a 265 pound dog. After the storm was over, our power went out. For over 4 hours. I was not pleased. Nor was poor Thor. The kids thought it was swell. Because my windows all have heavy draperies on them, it was quite dark inside. Dark makes for great games of "Hide and Seek", so Thor spent a lot of time sitting with the parents, by the light of an oil lamp, whining because his friends were missing. Here's what happened when Mark came to rest for a while:
Evidently, Mark is the most trustworthy of all.


gaylen said...

Oh poor Thor - he was scared of the dark and probably hot! Poor guy. Mine hate it when the power is out. Not as much as I do though - I swear you could use the sound of a dog licking as a torture device - now multiply that by 4!

Debbie Cook said...

I missed this so after your comment I had to go find it. Pepper is so weird ... it can be a beautiful day outside and the power will go out (accident, stupid power company, whatever) and she starts hyperventilating in the quiet and dark. The other two pooches couldn't give a rat's patootie about thunder or lack of electricity. It's all good for playtime. And eating. But picturing big Thor acting like our wimpy little Pepper is hysterical. Dogs have such varied and amusing "dogonalities" (as my son says ... "They're not persons so they don't have PERSONalities, Mom!").