Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My Daughter's Birthday!

My daughter Cassandra turned 19 yesterday. She was the most beautiful newborn the nurses in that hospital had ever seen, or so they said; of course, I believed it. She's always been a sunny person, and the only one in this household who doesn't turn shocking pink in the sun. I've missed her terribly while she was away at college this year (to be fair, I've missed all of them).

Birthday cakes get decorated with things the kids like, not necess
arily birthday themes. Thus, my oldest daughter put the pirates on Ryan's cake. Cass' younger sister wanted me to put a lion on the cake for Cass, so, naturally, I drew a lion sniffing a flower. Please don't mistake me for an artist (not that anyone would). She made her older brother Jeff carry her to her family party, and had a great time goofing around with everyone.
The funniest thing about her birthday was the apron. Yes, apron. The girls clean the kitchen and breakfast room for me when they're home, and the night before her birthday, Cass was complaining that my Clorox Clean Up "blows back" and left tiny spots on her dark blue tank top; thus, she was demanding at midnight, on her way to bed, that I get her an apron Immediately! Clever Mom found the Burda pattern site, and downloaded an apron pattern. It was very easy; even with my un-called-for contrast trim, it still only took an hour. I was shocked at how delighted my daughter was. Imagine, a 19 year old girl wanting an apron!It was a great day. And, she says I can use her apron if I want. "Party in the house!" as my darling daughters would say.


Paula said...

Happy Cass-day! Oh my, she is lovely lass, and looks delighted with her apron.

By the way, if your ears were burning yesterday, it's because I was talking about you with some other moms at school pick up. One of the moms was saying that she's signed up for sewing lessons because she wants to be able to sew a skirt whenever she feels like it. I told her that I had a friend who can do that with skirts, dresses, and more ... just lay it out, cut it out, and sew it. They were all "no way!". Wait 'til they see that you not only sewed an apron in a flash, but you also baked and frosted a cake!

Peter M said...

Happy 19th Cassandra and you're blessed with a pretty name.

gaylen said...

You do indeed have a lovely daughter. She looks like she'll really enjoy that apron. One of my daughters has one too!

The cake looks fun and good enough to eat. I'm a bad parent - we always have bought cakes! g

Angoraknitter said...

Hey, good job on the apron! Happy birthday to Cass!