Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I can't believe I was tagged by A for a meme. No one really wants to know this much about me, do they? Well, here goes:

1. What was I doing five years ago?
-Same as today. Happy to have my eldest son returning for his first summer home from college. Preparing to send my second son off to college. Every day in my world is the same; just the seasons and weather change. And I like it that way.

2. Five things I must do today (or have done, since the day is dwindling):
-Standard work stuff
-Standard cooking/cleaning stuff
-Make an apron for my daughter's birthday; she announced she wanted one yesterday.
-Frost the cake for my daughter's birthday (I baked the cake late last night).
-Wrap her presents, probably with help from her sister

4. Five snacks I enjoy:
-chocolate. Excellent quality, lovely chocolate. Not chocolate flavored stuff. Chocolate.
-Dried apricots
-Potato chips. Non-rippled, thin, plain, salty chips.
-Pound cake. Love the stuff. Rarely make it for that reason.

Usually, however, if I want a snack, I grab a slice of my bread, top it with tomato, cheese, and any meat in the fridge, microwave for 15 to 20 seconds, and, voila! Lunch!

4. Five things I'd do if I were a billionaire:
Same things I do now? This is a difficult question, because I believe no one appreciates things they don't earn, so I would not give more to my kids. I figure, by the time I kick the bucket, it won't matter what I leave them, because they'll be too old for me to ruin their lives. Maybe I'd try to get a job interview with Warren Buffett for my oldest son (Warren & J.D.Rockefeller were his middle school heroes. Honest. Odd kid.)
Plus, I still can't see myself dropping 500K for a new Rolls Phantom V-12.
But I wouldn't want it at all if I thought it might cause even the tiniest bit of friction between my dearly beloved husband and me. He's worth more than anything to me.

5. Five bad habits:
My kids call it OCD. I call it perfectionism (HA!). It's the root of everything about me that drives people nuts.
I shake out my car mats at the entrance to the driveway before I drive into the garage. I don't want dirt in my car.
I lock all doors except the mudroom so the kids and dog won't drag dirt in through 3 doors instead of one.
(These 2 items don't mean my house is "Mr. Clean" Spotless. It's just normal. But the more dirt I don't let in, the less housecleaning I must do - Hooray!)
I have a hard time believing that there's anything I can't do if I try hard enough, so I chew out my loved ones if they "quit". Plus, I'm sometimes accused of beating a dead horse. Sometimes, my sons will show up and rescue me from myself by offerring their great strength.
In my house, there are 2 ways to do things: my way and the wrong way. Luckily, I remember that if I am on someone else's turf, I don't set the rules - even if I'm right. (LOL)
I never forget (good or bad). Like an elephant.

6. Five places I've lived:
-Too many places to itemize as a kid (before I left my parents at 16).
-Danbury, CT
-Middlebury, CT
-Knoxville, TN

7. Five jobs I've had:
-I worked as a ticket seller and concession stand salesgirl while in high school.
-Secretary for a builder of prefab steel buildings while in college
-Mechanical engineer
-I'd like to make up something glamorous that I'd done, but Mom/chef/housekeeper/chauffer is as exotic as it gets in my little world.

Now I'm supposed to tag people: Paula (welcome to the blogosphere!), Pam (enjoying her summer), and Gaylen, who is lucky enough to be loved by four dogs. Now that you've all snoozed through the story of my life, on to more interesting people!


A said...

Happy birthday to your daughter!

gaylen said...

Happy birthday to your girl and to you - kids birthdays are always bittersweet for me. I'll play along :) Do you live in CT now? My youngest daughter does. g

Paula said...

Oh lordy, I'm such a newbie. I didn't even know what a "meme" was! I'll play, too!

Have fun with the birthday girl today!