Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thor Wants Breakfast!

With everyone home, a batch of my waffle batter usually lasts up to, say, 2 days. This picture may better explain why.Jeffrey was having breakfast. Of course, if a human eats, the hairy kid must wait patiently to see if it's his turn to eat, too. On Jeff's plate is one waffle, while a second is cooking. Meanwhile, Thor waits patiently; Jeff was tossing him saltines.

This happens often, but the photo was inspired by Gaylen's "Dogs on Thursday" post.


gaylen said...

I love your Thor! He's wonderful. I love it when they stick their feet out at odd angles. Do you elevate Thor's dish when he eats something other than saltines? g

Paula said...

My children think your home is utopia. Kids, dog, guinea pigs, giant yard, treehouse, fire-pit, and now waffles. Okay, now I'm agreeing with them! The thing that caught my attention, though, is that in addition to waffles, I notice there is a glass-domed pastry server on your table! I bet there are home baked goodies in there, too!

Marjie said...

Gaylen, he won't eat out of an elevated dish, perhaps because he knows that he has to keep his head off the table, and thinks he can't eat from up "high". WWe do have his water dish nested on the top of a 5 gallon paint bucket outside, where he spends all summer with the little boys anyway; they refill it every time they go get a drink.

Paula, the dome contains assorted breads today!