Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Thor's Birthday!

This was me at 7 weeks with my 2 new best friends:Monday, they told me it was my 7th birthday. I didn't know what that meant, other than that they made me wear this funny hat:
I'm really not big on hats. But what's this Kellie's holding?
It's an applesauce meringue cake! Why does Ryan have a piece at my nose level?

Wow! This birthday stuff is all right! Even if I did only get one piece of cake!And, by the way, that's a plastic plate, which was thrown out. Mom doesn't let animals eat off her dishware.


Anonymous said...

These are GREAT pics! My youngest just spent the last several minutes studying every little detail about the photos. The little boys and puppy photo is so darling,and now they are all so grown up! What a fun day you all had celebrating #7 for Thor. Love the plate comment, although I suspect that you washed it anyway before throwing it in the trash!


Debbie Cook said...

Happy Birthday Thor!!

Doesn't your mom know that dogs cleaning plates saves water before dishes go in the dishwasher?? :wink: Tell her you want to do your part to be Green.