Sunday, May 4, 2008

Spring, at Last!

My weeping cherry tree, which has to be at least 50 years old, and more likely 80, says it:

My backyard says it:

Spring is finally here. The trees in our orchard have finally begun to bloom. I don't recall the bright red one ever being so vivid before! In the foreground is a little Bradford Pear, planted 2 years ago to replace another which was taken down by a microburst, and it's covered in flowers. To its left in this picture is the twin to the original one; it's funny that the twin isn't blooming.

And, of course, the dandelions have arrived. Son #4 will be home from college next weekend, and it's a darn good thing. No, hubby doesn't mow this yard, because, since he does all the laundry and some of the dishes for me, I'd feel honor bound to buy a second tractor and cut part of the lawn myself. In a dress, heels and pearls? Ha! Pay the sons, or pay a lawn service.

All hail spring!

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Paula said...

Absolutely lovely! I can almost hear the birds singing, too. Your yard is so picturesque. I bet it's wonderful to relax out there in a comfy lawn chair while sipping iced tea, and soaking in the view.