Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memorial Day Sewing

Over Memorial Day weekend, I was inspired to sew for myself. First up was this skirt. I made it from the balance of one piece of fabric I'd used for a skirt for my daughter. I guess I had purchased a lot of this fabric, because I made her a skirt and a vest, and still had enough left over for me. The fabric is an ecru tone-on-tone stripe, and I just love it!Next was a "UFO" - unfinished object. This halter style top has been languishing for over 18 months because I was too lazy to sew on 4 buttons and make buttonholes. I found it. I finished it. It's just too dang cold to wear it for the past few days. It's an ice blue fabric - very unusual color.This one was way beyond UFO. I found a pattern that I thought would be really cute, and cut it out, again, at least 18 months ago. Then I decided the shirring was more than I wanted to take on that day, and stuffed the pieces in the drawer. And there they remained....forever....until I found it. It's pretty cute, but I may give it to one of my girls; they are much younger and cuter than I.Last, I had this great sage green fabric, and had purchased a Vogue pattern with this fabric in mind back along about September. Feeling ambitious, I laid it out, and just carried on until it was done.Looking at these terrible photos, I see why no one photographs their garments flat. But (a) it's simply been too cold at 55 degrees or less this week for me to wear any of these, and (b) it's hard to get pictures of the person who's always operating the camera, anyway. This weekend, I plan to finish the last 1-1/2 skirts for my daughter (I had started 5 skirts, finished the black, blue stripe and ecru textured skirt, then the zipper didn't match the off white solid skirt well enough for me to want to finish it, so I had to wait for my shipment from to arrive with white invisible zippers. Yes, I ordered a herd of zippers onling, about 180, in fact, for about $85 including shipping. Yes, I admit that I'm 2 or 3 degrees off plumb. But how could I not adore those prices? Anyway, the solid white skirt lacks only the invisible zipper, waistband and hem, then, on to the burgundy skirt! I hope to finish those this weekend, and then, I'll take pictures of those, flat, too.

Come to think of it, my pictures look a lot like those on the American Eagle website, and they make a bucketload of money - at least, I hope they do, given their prices - so maybe these photos are not quite so horrid, after all.


gaylen said...

Have you considered the mirror pictures? Or a tripod? Say she who takes photos of a dressed dummy!

Thanks for stopping by all the time. I wish I could email you to say hi. g

Elle said...

I think they all look beautiful, but I do want to see them on you. I don't suppose your camera has a delay timer?

Kathy throwing her $2 in. said...

Wow. You were busy! I really liked that halter top, but they look so tiny. What are you? A size 3? (lol)
Would love to invite you to my network obsession2008.ning I have a lot of groups there. Sewing, knitting, photography, etc. I should add one for gardening now that I think of it. If you get a chance, come and join. Would love for you to share there.

Marjie said...

Thank god for size inflation, so I can still be a size 3 to 5! My oldest daughter is a 00, but in my 20 year old suits, she's a size 3. And none of my daughters wears my 25 year old size 3 Sergio Valente jeans. Yes, I still have them, to remind me of when I weighed 109 instead of 133 (gasp!) Thanks for the compliments, all of you!