Friday, May 30, 2008

Eat Dessert First!

Poor Mark really wanted to roast marshmallows last weekend. However, we never could get everyone together, and so it kept getting postponed. So, last night, knowing that Kellie would be home around 9 after work, and dinner was delayed accordingly, I set the little boys and Cass to building a little fire in the firebowl around 8PM. They finished as Kellie arrived home, and Mom announced, "Guys! Life is Short! Eat Dessert First!" A frenzied rush to the backyard ensued, a pound each of graham crackers and 2 pounds of marshmallows were sacrificed for the greater good of Mark's s'mores, and a rollicking jolly time was had by all!Incidentally, Jeff (in yellow) has a long red ponytail. He lives in the same WVU dorm as most of the football players, and, given his distinct appearance and great height (6'5"), is friendly with many of them. He was amused to report recently that during a conversation with Noel Devine and Jock Sanders, 2 of their best players, it was suggested that he get dreadlocks. (This is before he knew who they were; they were just "short black guys".) To the horror of a buddy who overheard him, he responded, "What are you, a dumb**s? I'm white! It won't work!" His buddy told him he couldn't talk that way to Noel Devine, and Jeff said, "Why not? I am white, and dreadlocks just won't work!"

Edited to add: Thor doesn't go to marshmallow roasts. He doesn't much like the heat of the fire. So, he was about 20 feet away, in the cool grass.

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