Saturday, May 24, 2008

"New" Car

I admit it; I have a car problem. The problem is that I simply don't like new cars, and I'm not helped any by my very tall husband bellowing that everything smaller than my 1996 Cadillac (my "winter beater") is a f*** subcompact. So, a few years back, for our 25th anniversary, I bought my husband the same car he drove when we were dating, except that he didn't like the wheels, and it didn't have a moonroof. Fast forward to this January, when I was bored one night, and found a replica of the car he has long stated was his favorite ever:

Yes, with 21,560 miles on it, this puppy was ours! The driver of the car ca
rrier was an idiot; it took him darn near an hour to take the car off the truck (and he only had to unload one other to get to it) after he got lost (I never did figure out what part of "Follow the interstate until it ends, then turn right" was unclear), and then the thing wouldn't run right. Nonetheless, with one of 3 of our town's finest watching, I drove the car, unregistered, around the block and then home, where it sat in my garage for 4 months. Today, I got it back; the problem was not the exhaust, as I feared, but a malfunctioning choke - hooray! Problem solved for only $200!

Now, I take it back. I'd like to have a new Rolls with the V-12 engine, because I love big, powerful engines. But I'm not going to spend the price of a house for a car.

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