Saturday, May 3, 2008


One of the things I like about Calvert School's home curriculum (aside from not having to dream up the vast majority of our "stuff:) is that the assignments are interesting for the kids, and vary, but still teach the basics well. My older son, sixth grade, has had to write a variety of compostions this year, from a "how to" (building a snow fort) to a King Arthur story for an invented knight, to a book review for, to a persuasive letter ("All homework should be abolished immediately!"). I think he really enjoyed Friday's assignment, making a humorous advertisement for some product, real or imagined. First, the Grammar and Composition book explained the various types of humor found in ads (silliness, irony, etc), then offered some guidelines. This is his ad:

Above the drawing, which appears to be Mom & Dad at the kitchen table with a box of crayons in the middle, is the caption: "Crayola: Everyone Loves Them." The wife is asking if her husband shouldn't be at work, while he requests that she pass him the red crayon.

I liked it.

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Paula said...

This is great! I love the high heeled shoes!

Also, love Leggy Lady Liberty in the earlier post.