Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day - With Pets!

On Friday, I heard Thor whining from the porch toward the back lawn. He couldn't get there because the screen door was closed, so I looked out the breakfast room window to see what he was whining at. I saw this little guy:Thor is known to be a friend to small animals. Sunday, the little boys took their guinea pigs outside to play and graze. The little dopes immediately tried to take off, so they sat down with their feet together, to form a pig-pen. Thor was right there throughout.

Cinnamon kept looking around to see what was going on.

Neither of these little dopes seemed to recognize that they had been taken to prime grazing area! They just kept racing in circles.

A few years back, when the girls were smaller, they had a guinea pig named Porky. They often took Porky out to play; of course, Thor always joined the fun. One day, the girls were distracted and wandered off. Thor remained sitting at their exact spot on the lawn. Jeffrey was mowing the lawn, and was agitated that Thor refused to move. When he came closer to investigate, Jeff discovered that Thor was guarding Porky. He stomped inside to return Porky to his home, and chewed the girls out royally for their neglect. Thor, of course, was everyone's hero.

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Pam said...

This brings back memories! When I was little my dog would watch my guinea pig with me. She would sort of try and herd it around the yard.