Monday, May 19, 2008

Ryan's Birthday

Today is Ryan's 12th birthday. Because his sister is working out of state starting this week, we held his celebration over the weekend. The artistic sister decorated the cake with a pirate ship, complete with pirate on deck saying, "Yarg!" The Lake Erie Monster (similar to the Loch Ness Monster but heretofore unknown) is also featured. We are nothing here if not creative.

A good time was had by all; and, yes, the cake lasted 24 hours - but only
because the unspoken code of conduct states that any leftover cake belongs solely to the birthday person unless he/she decided to share with other(s).


Paula said...

Wow! What a great cake ... love the decorations. Looks like he rec'd a load of presents, too. How great that most of his siblings were around this weekend to celebrate with him. So this time 12 years ago, you had a new addition to your family. I can just imagine all those little heads peering down into the face of their new baby brother. Happy Birthday Ryan!

Lina said...

that is such a cute birthday cake! :)