Saturday, February 19, 2011

More Sewing

Well, some of this was done in January, and I've been lazy in February, but this is what's come out of my machine.

From the last yard of the brown velour: a top. I was a little short on fabric, so I made a top without shoulders, and with shortish sleeves.

From the midnight blue velour: a long sleeved dress from the Claire pattern. Have I mentioned that I love this pattern? But remember, if you're going to use it, don't use the back with the pleats. It's just weird.
And, in february, from a forest green velour, a long sleeved dress, a strappy a-line dress with a little lined jacket, and a cami (no picture).

So, the January total is:

Purple velour: A-Line dress: M7443 view E
2 color dress: V9357 View C modified
Cami: M4872 View A
Jacket: B4551 View C
Skirt - no pattern
Midnight Blue velour: Ballet top - no pattern
Off shoulder top: M4872 view D
Claire dress: M5433
Brown velour: Dress V8409 View B
Off shoulder top: S5875 view C
Blue Hibiscus skirt: M7526 View A
Black floral: Skirt for my daughter: New Look 6843 View E
Skirt for me: S5914 View B

Maybe listing it will help me remember what I've done.


Christo Gonzales said...

very cool!

KID, MD said...

Wow! Busy girl! Velour is such a fun fabric to sew and wear.

Big Dude said...

You sure make your outfits look good and you even found a photographer for these - your mirror shots are clever.

Faye Lewis said...

You made very good use of the velour, your garments have a very romantic flair.

Ann Made Studio said...

Very pretty outfits and love the rich colors of the fabric.

pam said...

I just found out today that we have a JoAnn's fabric in town...and they have a teacher's discount!! Life is good!

Anonymous said...

Oh, the midnight blue, definitely.

Diane said...

It beats me where you find the time to be so busy. I just love the forest green velour, that would really bring out the green in my eyes. Can I borrow it some time :-) Diane

SissySees said...

Wow. That's quite an impressive sewing list. If that's what lazy looks like, I'd hate to see busy! ;)

Sarah said...

I don't think that the word lazy should be in your vocabulary! What a lot of sewing. I wouldn't do that much in a year! But when I am settled after my reno, I will be using my brand new machine and start with repairs and then move on, hopefully.

Jan Mader said...

You are so creative and beautiful too!

Sue said...

I'm slowly coming out of my creativity block. I managed to finish a cross stitch and have started knitting a baby blanket. Your list is really impressive.

Pam said...

You are amazingly talented.

Unknown said...

Ooh ! Such pretty dresses! You look gorgeous in them! And I love that kind of velour fabric - and I adore that kind of off-shoulder style - what clever way to deal with insufficient fabric! :-)


gMarie said...

OMGoodness look at you go! I think I managed one whole skirt in January - or maybe it was really February.

I worked on finishing 2 sleeveless turtlenecks today. Then looked around the cutting table at the stack of stuff I wanted done -- and left the room. g

Lapdog Creations said...

You're just a sewing fool, now aren't you? Busy lady!!!