Tuesday, August 5, 2008

With Apologies to Pam

I thought Pam's Patty Cakes were adorable. I really wanted to make them. I only had 2 small problems in my little world.

First, my stand mixer's not working. Not that big a deal; more of a pain in the rump. But, second, one of my back molars broke in half on Saturday, so I'm living on advil/tylenol, not eating, drinking little, and generally rather miserable. So, since my family "needs" dessert every night, I decided to use Pam's idea, but cheat. I used 1-1/2 cups of chocolate cake m
ix, blended with 1 egg, 1 tbsp. oil and 1/2 cup water, stirred vigorously with a spoon, and spooned into a cupcake pan. (I felt entitled to be lazy). Then, as Pam did, after they were cooled, I scooped out the middle using a cream soup spoon. I detoured and filled them with vanilla or chocolate pudding, replaced the scooped out top, and topped with whipped cream and colored sugar. They were quite pretty, and, since I don't like chocolate flavored things, no temptation to me whatsoever.
Pam, my children thank you for your beautiful idea, even if I didn't use your recipe. So, it's off to the dentist for me this afternoon, where I will be royally chewing him out for his receptionist's attitude yesterday morning ("We can't possibly see you today. Maybe we can see you later this week." Yeah. I'm not thinking that Kevin wants that attitude from his staff).


Paula said...

Oh, Marjie, I'm so sorry about your tooth. I can't imagine how painful that must be, and how awful that you weren't seen right away when you called! Hope you get some relief today.

Your cupcakes look so festive! I bet your family gobbled them up.

Hope you feel better soon.

gaylen said...

Those cakes looks fabulous! Even if I didn't like chocolate I would have to eat some :) I hope your dentist appologizes for his staff's behavior and that she gets a good chewing out! How Rude! Broken teeth get seen right now - that and when your temporary crown falls off :) g

Pam said...

Marjie, those look great. What a good idea to fill them with pudding! I hope your tooth is better!