Friday, August 1, 2008

Sewing Projects

Gaylen was asking recently what's on the calendar for sewing. Nothing much has made its way out of my machine lately, but a number of projects are either required or desired, pretty much immediately.

First up is a bedskirt for my daughter's college room. We went shopping last weekend, and after many hours traipsing through every store in the world, or so it seemed, we found the "perfect" quilt, sheets, towels, lamp, hamper.....but no bed skirt. So off to Joann's we tromped! Of course, they had fabric in just the right shade of pink to go with the green quilt and p
ink sheets. That's the first project for Saturday afternoon.

One of my sons decided last Thanksgiving weekend that his full sized mattress, upon which he's been sleeping for 21 years, was "worn out". Whatever that may mean. So he went to the store and bought a replacement. Only one minor problem: he bought a queen sized mattress. For a full sized box spring and sheets. Well, last weekend I got him to build extensions to his boxspring so the mattress is properly supported, and took apart and remade his bedskirt. Now, of course, the quilt is too small. But, "I grew up with this quilt! It's MINE!" So, it's left to Mom to figure out how to enlarge it. The quilt will grow a new, quilted border of around 6" width around the 3 outboard edges, but it will still be his quilt. That'll happen before Thanksgiving, but I don't make any r
epresentations as to exactly when - just covering my bases here.

Most exciting of all, however, is this:
Hunter Green!
Kelly Green!
Jersey knits!

I've been unable to find nice yellows and greens. So I was really excited to find these on ebay, and, yes, I bought the full 10 yards of each. I even confessed to my dearly beloved in advance that I was doing this, and he inquired as to whether that would be enough to make me happy. What a guy! He even feigned great excitement when they arrived yesterday, along with this:Yes. about 180 zippers. Not entirely my fault. I found this website,, and the zippers were under 40 cents each in quantities of a dozen. My dearly beloved looked at a couple of zippers I had in my sewing pile, looked at those prices, and said, "Get yourself a couple hundred, in lots of a dozen per color." When they came in, he did say that was an awful lot of zippers. Yeah, even I think I've got nearly a lifetime's supply.

Sewing projects for me: tank tops, summer dresses, long sleeved tops in yellow and greens. More to be determined later.


Paula said...

Well, you are certainly doing your part to stimulate the economy! Wow! That's a lot of fabric and zippers! Lots of projects ahead of you, too. You must have 48 hour days! Looking forward to seeing all of your creations!

Marjie said...

Yeah, I probably overdid it on the zippers. But they were about 1/5 the price that they are in stores, and my dearly beloved egged me on. So, they'll keep for the next few years...

Susan said...

Laughing out aloud @ "feigned interest". They do that so well! Nice purchases though.

Claire S. said...

I'm not sure of the protocol of responding to a comment, but I've answered you re: the pattern and Threads magazine in my own blog (1Seam at a Time), right within the comments.

About your zippers, are they the YKK#3 Skirt & Dress zippers ? I've seen the zipperstop website but haven`t ordered from them yet - I think it`s only a matter of time !