Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Thanks, Claire!

A while back, Claire was offering a copy of Threads magazine and a nice McCall's dress pattern. No one else took her up on this offer before I got there, so I was the lucky recipient.

This afternoon, my boys walked down the hill to the playground behind the town hall, bought ice creams, and picked up the mail. This is what they brought me!

Thanks, Claire! I'm going to have to figure out what fabric calls to this pattern now!


gaylen said...

I have that pattern too! I'm determined to make it this Fall/Winter. The version with the full skirt of course!

As for the bread, you could try using different shapes and sizes of pans. Wouldn't that make for interesting sandwhiches? g

Anonymous said...

This pattern can be downloaded for free at sewingpatterns.com. It really looks great.
Best wishes,

The Blonde Duck said...

That's a cute dress pattern!