Monday, August 11, 2008

Sewing Weekend

This was a sewing weekend. Despite my great joy at getting a replacement Kitchenaid stand mixer, all I made was waffle batter; I wasn't going to be eating anything other than mush, after all. Tonight, though, I'm trying something new, I promise; details to follow tomorrow (after I figure them out).

So, I'm sure some of you will recall the lunatic who bought 10 yards each of
2 different greens and a yellow jersey knit fabric. Yes, that lunatic was me. Now that I'm somewhat recovered from 3 hours with Kevin the dentist this morning (and drooling less), this is what the weekend produced:

Yellow prin
cess seamed summer dress. I had a favorite pattern, which has somehow disappeared in the last 2 summers. I don't lose things! This was distressing. I did, however, have one dress which I made from that pattern and hated. The fit was fine, but the fabric looked funky to me. So I carefully chopped it up, and replicated the pattern pieces. This is the blurry result; sorry for the photo quality!

Today I wore a princess seamed, short sleeved top I made from an adapted pattern. The original pattern butto
ned down the front; I don't wear buttons down the front. Gap problems, if you get my drift. It worked out well; actually, I've made this about 4 times, and love it. I may try it with long sleeves, but that's a project for September, not August.

I also made this tank top. Nothing special, but fast and easy. I've made this before, so I knew I'd feel good by getting it done quickly.

Last up was this ballerina top. In 1999, I bought a bunch of these in a rainbow of colors. In 2004, I decided I was fat, and these tops were too short. So I took the shortest one apart, made a pattern from it, and I've made a couple of these, too. Good for spring and all wear (and my dearly beloved just loves the neckline).

So, now my desire for yellow clothing is somewhat fulfilled, and I still have about 5 yards. This fabric is really, really wide, so it went a long way!


gaylen said...

I understand the gap problems. Would love to see the really blurry picture better. That top looks interesting. Glad you got so much sewing done. Where did you get the jersey again? g

Paula said...

Three hours with the dentist is not something that I'd want on my to-do list. Ugh. Glad that part of the process is behind you, and hope that the temporary he provided helps until the real mccoy is figured out.

The short sleeved top looks terrific on you. Granted my sewing experience is limited, but I find rounded necklines hard to sew, and all of your weekend sewing projects had rounded necklines! I'm impressed. I'm more long waisted and my tops have to be really l-o-n-g. Thankfully the store bought styles have been super long lately, so I've been able to replenish my old clothing! Love your longsleeved top as well. I bet it looks great on you. Kudos to your hubby. I'm so impressed that he compliments you on your clothing. What a guy! He could give lessons to other hubbies on attentiveness!

Claire S. said...

I love the yellow Marjie, I don't think you'll have any trouble using up all this fabric if you can knock out 4-5 items in a weekend !

Pam said...

I have a sewing machine and it sits unused in the garage because I am terrified of patterns. All of your creations look great and I love the yellow fabric. Nicely Done!

noble pig said...

I will admit it right here...I cannot sew a button and I am completely jealous of your talents.